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From bad to worse (Shriya Saran at TIFF, style awards) September 19, 2009

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Shriya never seems to get it right. @South Scope style awards.





Bad – Shriya at the 56th film fare awards 2009



Horrendous – shriya at Toronto international film festival



4 Responses to “From bad to worse (Shriya Saran at TIFF, style awards)”

  1. Nicki Says:

    I’m sad. She’s a gorgeous girl who needs to file her stylist

  2. Kiran Says:

    Not feeling sorry for her. She should have enough experience by now to know what works on her.

  3. imienazwisko Says:

    I like her outfit, I’ve seen worst things 😀
    OK, Toronto one is not perfect, but not so bad. At SouthScope she looked hot, accornig to my older bro 😛
    I prefer the Filmfare one, it’s really pretty.

  4. filmizest Says:

    The TIFF outfit is the worst, it does absolutely nothing for her figure.

    The Southscope is a bad fit, you can see her bra! at least a dark color bra would be better.

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