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UNNAIPOL ORUVAN MOVIE REVIEWs (Updated – Boxoffice news) September 21, 2009


After keeping the movie buffs in suspense over its release due to its legal wrangles, Unnaipol Oruvan, the Tamil remake of ‘A Wednesday,’ produced by Raaj Kamal Films International has finally made it much to the relief of everyone associated with it. The job of director Chakri Toleti is easy and difficult – easy as a readymade story was in front of him and hard as he has to make the content relatable to Tamil audience. By and large, the film has remained loyal to the original script.   

What could happen when a common man is pushed beyond his realms of patience and what are its consequences? Unnaipol Oruvan throws light on these issues and the triumph of humanity and its effect on national integration. Indirectly, the film says terrorism can only be held in check by terrorism.

UPO is about certain events that happen in one busy day in a Police Commissioner’s life. He receives an anonymous phone call asking for a release of four terrorists in police custody. Although the commissioner takes the call lightly, he realizes the seriousness of the issue soon and a group is formed to tackle the demands of this call. The gripping events that unfold subsequently are recounted in a riveting manner.

Mohanlal brings forth the responsible Police Commissioner and the unruffled manner in which he deals with a tense situation justifies his recent military award for acting. Kamal, as the angered citizen, has portrayed his emotions and feelings in the right measure. In the last few scenes, when he picks the vegetables from the ground in a composed manner suggests that he is after all an ordinary citizen. His pain and twinge are highly palpable when he is keen to finish off the terrorists. The sequences where Kamal has used his personal experience are enjoyable as regards to non-receipt of voters ID card.

All the characters have been understood and essayed perfectly by the artistes. Anuja Iyer, as the TV reporter, has risen up to the occasion and so does Ganesh Venkatram. Camera and music are in sync with the mood of the film and enhance the tension when required. Although UPO has its flaws, they are negligible when compared to the film in totality.

All in all, a brilliant work which will be appreciated by every socially responsible citizen of India. Jai Hind

Verdict: Unnaipol Oruvan – Power of Common Man  (3/5 stars)


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Sify Review

Kamal Hassan’s Chakri-Toleti directed Unnaipol Oruvan is new age Tamil cinema, which we can say proudly, is a must-watch. What elevates the film to a new high is the crisp presentation and outstanding performances from the lead actors, mainly Kamal and Mohanlal, who simply rock.


Rediff Review

Kamal Haasan and UTV Motion Pictures’s Unnai Pol Oruvan (Someone Like You), directed by Chakri Toleti is one of those quintessentially Kamal movies — it touches on subjects any one else would cringe about, has unexpected characters completely taking over the film at odd places, twists and turns around like the proverbial snake and ladder game — and finishes on a note that is both puzzling and bizarrely satisfying.

Express Buzz Review

 A challenging face-off between two men involved in events that go unrecorded by law, all in a 100-mins edge-of-the-seat thriller. Isn’t that interesting? If so, just book your tickets for ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’ right now and go ahead, watch it.,Pol,+Oruvan,+Kamal+Haasan,+Mohan+Lal,+Laksh&SectionName=ujAuSwFzxkI=




Chennai Box Office – Sept 25 to 28

 Wednesday, 30 September , 2009, 15:29


During the long Pooja weekend,  Kamal Hassan’s Unnaipol Oruvan rocked the CBO and is the clear number one.


In its second weekend, the film netted Rs 59, 51,483 thanks to the four-day of holiday.  The total net for the film in 11 days from 11 screens in Chennai is a whopping Rs 1,73,09520 making it a super hit and the best-ever opening for 2009!


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3 Responses to “UNNAIPOL ORUVAN MOVIE REVIEWs (Updated – Boxoffice news)”

  1. vijay Says:

    Kamal’s adaptation of the Hindi cult hit A Wednesday has opened to rave reviews and very positive collections over the weekend. With powerhouse performances by Kamal and Mohanlal, the movie is a riveting ride on the abilities of a common man.

    Trade Talk:
    The movie garnered good collections over the weekend and looks like will retain the same atleast for the near future.

    Public Talk:
    Black ticket sellers reign.

    No. Days Completed: 3
    No. Shows in Chennai over this weekend: 211
    Average Theatre Occupancy over this weekend: 92%
    Collection over this weekend in Chennai: Rs. 52,98,934

    Verdict: Good Opening

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