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Kangana Ranaut September 30, 2009

Filed under: Events,gallery — filmizest @ 3:58 pm

Looking at the Ek Niranjan Audio release pics, it strikes me that Kangana may have had some sort of lip enhancement done. Does it not seem so?  Her lips were never that large. It looks bad IMO. 




More audio release pics  –


2 Responses to “Kangana Ranaut”

  1. filmizest Says:

    I wasn’t really trying to be funny lol! Since I don’t follow her so closely, i didn’t know about her allergy. Hope she feels better soon. Thanks for the info.

  2. damilola Says:

    You are very funny. Kangana did not get an lip surgery her publicist said. Her lip swelled after she had an allergic reaction and it is slowly going down and down. If you compare her picture from the recent events she just went to, you will see it is getting bad. Not everyone is perfect.

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