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Kavya Madhavan September 30, 2009

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Kavya is one of my favourite actresses alongside Sneha and Jyothika. It just happens that all three have the most expressive and beautiful eyes. I have a mad girl crush on these women.

For those who may not know of her : 


Here is a clip with Prithviraj (who by the way is looking so hot these days, can’t wait for Ravan) from Santosh Sivan’s Malayalam film Anandhabhadram.

A very nice scene with Jyothika in Kaaka Kaaka (inside).  For Eng Subs click the link below  it .

f   starts about 7:45min.


One Response to “Kavya Madhavan”

  1. bollylove Says:

    I didn’t know Santosh Sivan had directed a movie. Thanks for the clip. She is beautiful and so is Jyothika. I watched Kaaka kaaka and loved her in it.

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