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Kerala cafe October 31, 2009

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This film released yesterday and I will be looking for the DVD when it comes out.  It first got my attention as it has 10 different directors. Not to mention the cast which include Mammotty, Suresh Gopi, Dileep and Prithviraj.


Story  – On a common theme of journeys, each filmmaker presents their cinematic impression of contemporary times in Kerala. The independent narratives integrate when, during these journeys, their characters pass through KERALA CAFE – a quaint railway cafeteria; thereby creating a joint mosaic of issues and impressions; in a symbiotic space and time.




Longer theatrical trailer  –      (See Inside…)


Arya 2 – Allu Arjun, Prabhas @ Audio Launch *pics* October 30, 2009

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At the Audio Launch





Ek Niranjan Reviews/Boxoffice – updated October 29, 2009




Best Review of Ek Niranjan I have come across so far. Puts my thoughts on the film across very very well and in a such an entertaining way. I too loved the cinematography,  Sonu sood hot, Prabhas hotter, the choreography, the love declaration scene, the sound of breaking bones and lest I forget, the title song was all that I knew I would love and more. Did I mention Prabhas? oh yes, him too.


Minor problems with the comedy and the fights did go on too long. The story was not exactly what I’d call unique.


Only difference with the review below, I loved the Music and I have seen quite a few more than 3 and half Telugu films, happily I still feel like that when watching these films.




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Arundhati bags 10 Nandi Awards October 25, 2009

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• Special Jury Award – Anushka
• Best Villain Award – Sonu Sood
• Best Editor – Marthand K Venkatesh       



Kanden Kadhalai stills (*ing Bharath,Tamanna) – Remake of Jab We Met October 24, 2009

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New Stills




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Happy Birthday Prabhas October 23, 2009

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I will be watching my two fav Prabhas films. Chatrapathi and Bujjigadu.


Warning – some extreme violence

Comedy/emotional scene Bujjigadu – love his tamil  lol.    (more…)


Magadheera boxoffice – (Updated) October 22, 2009

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  Trailer marking 100 days. A novel idea (a clip taken from the end credits in Magadheera)




















Ram charan’s Orange **stills** (updated – trailers) October 21, 2009

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Orange Movie Wallpapers

Mahesh’s next – (Update – release August 9th 2010) October 19, 2009

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Title is still not decided. Choices are between Kaleja and Khiladi.


I know its associated with Akshay Kumar mostly but I still like khiladi better. 


Summer 2010 seems too far away. They should give a first look still at least.


Prince Mahesh Babu who has been busy with the making of his new movie is all set to take off with a big schedule today. This one is happening in Hyderabad and the news is that it will be on till the end of this month.

Later, the team will be heading to Rajasthan for a month and in December, they will return to Hyderabad where a massive village set will be erected at Vikarabad for the last leg of shooting.