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Peranmai Trailer/ Reviews/ Boxoffice October 9, 2009

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No interest in this film or Jayam Ravi but since this is clashing with Surya’ s Aadhavan I am posting the trailer.  Let’s see who wins the Box office clash this Diwali. Wish Vettaikaran had come on time instead, would have made it more interesting.  Anway, my bet is on Surya.







Sify Review – Brave attempt


Full review here:     Though the film may not have mass appeal to work in B & C it will definitely attract the city audiences for its smashingly original climax. It is a brave film that is trying to change the placid world of Tamil cinema.


 Behindwoods review – 2/5     


Director’s brilliance shines in the sequences depicting the girl’s pranks and tomfooleries which come across as very natural and enjoyable. All the girls have done their part well.  Jayam Ravi’s climax sequence is power packed and is praiseworthy


Rediff Review – 2/5


A movie like this thrives on characters that knock against each other, and new emotions emerge but S P Jhananathan has thrust so many platitudes, morals and politics into it that it ends up being inadvertently hilarious. It’s a script that looks good only on paper, filled with good intentions but hopelessly flawed.


2 Responses to “Peranmai Trailer/ Reviews/ Boxoffice”

  1. aadithya Says:

    see man you cant tell both films can become a hit so i bet for both and i am ready to watch it surya aadhavan is saroja devi plays as a rich woman have four children surya takes revenge for some reason jeyyam ravi is about war and is aweoseme so both rocks

  2. filmizest Says:

    We will see. Both can be hits true, initial should go to Aadhavan. What was Jayam Ravi’s last film after Santosh S? was it good? a hit?

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