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Shruti and siddharth?? (confirmed. Updated launch video) October 14, 2009

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Launch video      (Inside...) 



Nice pairing. or not?  They kinda look like brother and sister in the pics below.


9 siddharth-04


They will, according to the grapevine, be seen in a Telugu film soon which is to be directed by Prakash Rao, son of the legendary filmmaker Raghavendra Rao.


3 Responses to “Shruti and siddharth?? (confirmed. Updated launch video)”

  1. ajnabi Says:

    Shruti looks so much like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz that it kind of freaks me out. But Sid’s good with almost anyone so I have no doubt I’ll watch it. 🙂

  2. ganeshh Says:

    Stunning lady.

  3. saranya Says:

    hmm……waiitng 2 c siddarth………….siddu u rock……..u both luk a gud pair…….all the best…!!

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