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Ek Niranjan Reviews/Boxoffice – updated October 29, 2009




Best Review of Ek Niranjan I have come across so far. Puts my thoughts on the film across very very well and in a such an entertaining way. I too loved the cinematography,  Sonu sood hot, Prabhas hotter, the choreography, the love declaration scene, the sound of breaking bones and lest I forget, the title song was all that I knew I would love and more. Did I mention Prabhas? oh yes, him too.


Minor problems with the comedy and the fights did go on too long. The story was not exactly what I’d call unique.


Only difference with the review below, I loved the Music and I have seen quite a few more than 3 and half Telugu films, happily I still feel like that when watching these films.




Read on:    


Ek Niranjan (2009)


So shiny! Let us sing the praise (great praise!) of the director of Ek Niranjan!  And the editor!  And cinematographer!  We haven’t seen such shiny, glittering, gorgeous visuals in a film since… well, since Transformers (so much sun! so much sand!). For this reason alone, we ranked Ek Niranjan very high on our personal list of Telugu films (now numbering three and a half). With a hefty budget and such razor-sharp direction and cinematography, it was just lovely.


Essentially the hyper-typical family separation masala opera, young Chottu (a very handsome Prabhas) is your standard goonda with a heart of gold. Working as a bounty hunter for the local police station, he romances feisty guitar teacher, Sameera (Kangana Ranaut?!), in the standard way, and is pursued by the villainous Johnny Bhai (Sonu Sood?!) in a slightly non-standard way. Throw in your usual comedy subplot – starring Brahmanandam… is this man in EVERY TELUGU FILM EVER MADE?! (we say after three) – as well as another comedy subplot in Bangkok (unexpectedly v. funny) – and you have your standard film. So let’s dispense with the standard, and move onto what was a bit different:


1. The shine!

Some directors have such a fabulous aesthetic, and Ek Niranjan’s director, Puri Jagannadh, has a great eye. Some of the songs reminded us of Farah Khan’s Main Hoon Na for the use of mirrored sunlight and natural sparkle. Vah! The choreography, meanwhile, was the usual impressive southern stuff – for the Hindi-phile that we used to be/are, we can compare it to Prabhu Deva’s magnificent work in Pukar. (Prabhu Deva is also, of course, from the south.) What dynamic visuals! What use of foreground, background and middleground! What use of interesting apertures and focal depths! What diagonals! What golden ratios!


What is a gosh darned shame, however, is the relatively mediocre music. When the studly Prabhas was throwing himself around in such interesting ways to such boring, lethargic beats, we couldn’t help but feel restless. Give the man a melody, for the love of God!


2. The Hindi actors?!

Sonu Sood? Kangana? That dude with the bushy moustache from Swades‘s RV song?


Special note about Sonu Sood: apparently, his Telugu film career is dominated by villainous roles. Who knew! At first, we were skeptical – the cuddly, honorable brother from Jodhaa Akbar as an evil mafia bhai? Yeah, right. Well – we’ve been sold. He was like the Bizarro young Amitabh Bachchan, like 1978’s Don with 2007 Don‘s mentality. Like the Angry Young Man… gone EVIL. Sonu was very enjoyable as the kinky (sado-masochism?!), slightly drama queen (“I’m the hero here, not the villain!”) pin-up model (what pecs!) with the dodgy fashion sense. Indeed, most of the film was a War of Hotness between Prabhas and Sonu. We still don’t know who won.


3. A Michael Jackson tribute?!

So all the songs were incredibly rich visual feasts on which to gorge one’s eyes (except for the boring Chottu’s So Vulnerable song, yawn), but one song – the Michael Jackson vs. Heath Ledger’s Joker tribute song – really stood out for its… unexpectedness.


But hey! 1990s children that we are, we loved it. Big time. Moonwalk, baby, go, go!


4. There is no fourth point.


5. Clearly, it’s time to learn Telugu.


Pukkah! And someone take the exclamation point away from us! We are abusing it!!!


—————————————————————————————————————————————————————— review – 3/5


Analysis: First half of the movie is entertaining. Second half is also adequate but for the last twenty minutes. The graph of the movie goes down from the time the story shifts to Bangkok. The plus points are Prabhas, dialogues and music. On the flip side the second half should have been better and the violence should have been toned down. On a whole, Ek Niranjan is a not a bad film. We have to wait and see how the masses receive it. Review – 3/5


Bottomline: Ek Niranjan’ begins with an extremely promising note and the tempo carries on throughtout the first half. Prabhas, Sonu Sood steal the show with their dialogues. However, the story goes haywire in the second half and the comedy track is just average. Also the extended fights throughout the film could have been avoided to some extent. The film could do well with some serious trimming. In the end, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable film which has a Puri Jagannath’s trademark. It’s flamboyant and at times crazy, but isn’t that what we expect from films generally? Thumbs Up for Puri and Prabhas’s ‘Ek Niranjan’, go with low expectations and it won’t disappoint you. Review – 3/5



The film stars on a promising note but fails to carry the tempo till the end. The first half of the film is good and entertaining. But, the second half falls a bit. Except for some good fights and well picturised songs there was nothing to offer in the second half.


Verdict:  It’s enjoyable. Time-pass fare!


IndiaGlitz Review


Surprisingly, the comedy track is hopeless.  Puri, who is bright at creating comedy situations, does not show intelligence here.  Like a B-grade director, he makes the show with Brahmanandam and his girlfriend worse and more worse.  Ali and Sunil, both do not make you laugh even for a moment.
Ek Niranjan is saved by Prabhas, Sonu Sood and Mani Sharma’s fine tunes.  Nothing else is worth mentioning.


Fullyhyderabad Review:  Thanks Kiran


The title song steals the show, of course. A lot of the other songs are packed into the first half, and they’re good to sit through. Puri’s technical values are in place, though there’s been too much effort on glossing up Kangana’s look.

There aren’t too many new ways you can narrate a story like this one. Ek Niranjan is fun cinema in its own way, but if you have a better movie to rush to, we won’t stop you.





Probably just pre release publicity, here goes:


The much-awaited movie Ek Niranjan, which is finally releasing on October 29th the Thursday, is set to open to huge collections.

Yes, the Prasadz IMAX in Hyderabad will show 15 shows and INOX will show 14 shows on the day of the film’s release, and more surprisingly, all the shows are house-full!!  This is something unheard of in case of a Prabhas film.

Puri Jagannadh, the director, must be feeling elated over the response his next release has already generated.  With openings and initial bookings becoming crucial for any film these days, it is advantage Ek Niranjan.



6 Responses to “Ek Niranjan Reviews/Boxoffice – updated”

  1. filmizest Says:

    Where you been?

    There is no hate on kangana really just her looks are getting mentioned unnecessarily.

    there was a review I didn’t post earlier for the same reason.

  2. filmizest Says:

    Will do. nothing interesting in Hindi films either. So Prabhas here I come.

    A smilie would be appropriate here but I still don’t know how to work them here. Damn, extra work for me.

  3. sara Says:

    Sonu sood steals the show seems to be the common thing in these reviews and all are dissing the comedy track. When will they stop with this crap I ask you? it’s not needed.

    and what’s up with the kangana hate?

  4. sara Says:

    Just been busy. Not even watching many movies. Will have to wait for DVD on this one. Will you see it in cinema?

  5. Kiran Says:

    Puri Jagannath tried something offbeat with Neninthe; but looks like he is back to his commercial roots now. By the way, you can also add fullhyd’s review to your list:

  6. imienazwisko Says:

    Brahmi is even in tamil cinema, check Saroja 😛
    I feel bad about those average reviews about Ek Niranjan, I was expecting sth stunning. Maybe I just have to watch it?

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