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Arya 2 – Allu Arjun, Prabhas @ Audio Launch *pics* October 30, 2009

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At the Audio Launch





















































4 Responses to “Arya 2 – Allu Arjun, Prabhas @ Audio Launch *pics*”

  1. filmizest Says:

    Translations for the top and last videos. Thanks to Kiran

    vid 1.

    Basically Devi is pulling Prabhas’s leg saying that he is a ladies man.

    Devi Sri Prasad: Prabhas, You’ve been pestering me for long time regarding when the show is going to take place. But now that you are here, u are watching/concentrating on everything but the show. Kajol is not seated next to you, even Kajol’s mom is not there, what’s going on?
    Srinu bhaiyya, this is very bad. Are you planning to make a movie with Prabhas? Chaperone the heroines when Prabhas is around, okay?
    No, no i’m just kidding. Don’t believe everything i say.

    [P.S. The screeching/ shouting part at the begining is some guy doing a comedy/mimicry act.]

  2. filmizest Says:

    vid 2

    Prabhas: I like Bunny very very very much. When i came for the previous Arya audio release, i had a feeling that movie would turn into a blockbuster.

    Arya2 is going be an even bigger hit. I wish it to be so for AA’s sake. Sukumar is a superb director. Devi gave me Varsham; he gave me the best songs of my career. I don’t mind if he gives better music for AA than me. I have a personal equation with the producer. I wish the film to be a big hit for his sake, AA’s sake & Kajol’s sake( with whom i was working recently)….

    Arjun: He’ll not forget to mention ‘Kajol’.
    {everyone laughs}

    Prabhas: All lies. Kajol is a very hard worker, a superb performer. Recently worked with her in Switzerland for 20 days….

    {Again everybody starts laughing}

    Prabhas: (probably thinking what’s wrong with u guys) Okay, i just wish Arya2 to be a major blockbuster.

  3. bollylove Says:

    Thank you! How did I miss this before? I love that they are all so friendly and affectionate towards each other.

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