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Arya 2 Trailers – (Updated – Reviews) November 4, 2009

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oops! spoke too soon. Here we are (song trailers at least)




My Review –


5 Responses to “Arya 2 Trailers – (Updated – Reviews)”

  1. MinaiMinai Says:

    Hello! Thanks for posting these, yay! The second video reminds me a lot of the video “Pelican Paravaigal” from the Tamil film Thoranai…

  2. filmizest Says:

    You’re welcome MinaiMinai. You’re right. The beginning of the thoranai video is the same with the flashing lights and set up. Vishal’s look is also like Arjun’s in the Mr Perfect song.

  3. Nicki Says:

    Can’t wait!!!!! All for Bunny 🙂

  4. Kiran Says:

    Looking good. Hope they’ll release the “he loves you so much” trailer too.

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