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Mumaith Khan interview November 30, 2009

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Came across this at Bollywhat? forums.  I have never seen Mumaith in any other setting apart from the many many item numbers and some stage performances. It’s an interesting watch. She comes across as very natural, bold.


In  English   


Part 2   


5 Responses to “Mumaith Khan interview”

  1. ajnabi Says:

    Awww, I like her even more now–she reminds me of the college-age (and just past) girls who come over to my house sometimes. I agree with you about “very natural.”

  2. inotherwoods Says:

    She is so awesome, I loved her from the very first time that I saw her in Chatrapathi. Part of my interest in SI movies was due to her. I just looked for films that included her, and obviously totally fell in love with the whole SI mentality. I want her to blaze a trail for more roles that have assertive and independent characters. It would be equally cool if she trains to be a director and goes back to SI, just to make movies about kickass chicks who save their hot lovers/family/orphans/puppies/rain forest, etc.

    • filmizest Says:

      I know she has a film coming out where she has a lead role. Don’t have more details but there was a press conf or some such she had attended for it.

      haha, and I just realised it’s Mumaith in your avi.

      • inotherwoods Says:

        If I can get a confirmation on english subs from the bhavanidvd site, then I am buying both of her movies. I would like to purchase everything she has done, regardless of role, if nothing else because she is an incredible dancer.

        Mumaith will always be my avatar 🙂 I just wish I looked as good as her!

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