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Jr NTR’s next – Adhurs stills, trailers – (Updated – Reviews) December 6, 2009








Music launch/ release – 5th Dec 2009




Nayantara looks bad, what’s up with that make up? and the hair!








3 Responses to “Jr NTR’s next – Adhurs stills, trailers – (Updated – Reviews)”

  1. piyaara Says:

    Ah, more NTR love.

    I don’t particularly mind, Nayantara but, I don’t really get why she’s so popular. Is she wearing high-heeled football boots in the 2nd to last picture?!

    Also, have you seen this:

    Giant NTR!

    • filmizest Says:

      Woah, that’s huge. Thanks for the link. They have added a few pounds on NTR. An old pic maybe. They got the nose right at least.

      About Nayan, I don’t mind her either and she can act well enough. I just hate that it looks like they didn’t bother too much with hair and make up in the stills. The outfits aren’t saying much either.

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