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Vijay’s Vettaikaran stills, trailers (updated – Reviews) December 14, 2009








It’s coming on the 18th of Dec. Confirmed.























10 Responses to “Vijay’s Vettaikaran stills, trailers (updated – Reviews)”

  1. Anu Says:

    Vijay should spare us his crap same old movies.

  2. filmizest Says:

    This film doesn’t sound any different than usual on paper but I am hoping for the best. I have a soft spot for Vijay and I want this to be a hit for him.

    The worst of his films recently is Kuruvi. By the time the chatrapathi scenes came and totally out of context also. I totally gave up on that movie at that point.

  3. kamalesh Says:

    sir i am waiting for u r movie everyminute …no one can beat u in anything we r there for u sir

  4. lapetitediva Says:

    I like Vijay but he suffers from “Same Movie, Different Heroine” syndrome. I mean, I know better than to expect anything radically different from him but still.

  5. filmizest Says:

    Behindwoods – 2/5 (Not bad from Bwoods, they hardly give any film above 3)

    Verdict: not a bull’s eye, not a big miss either.

    Rediff – 1.5/5

    Sify – Verdict: Entertainment guaranteed

  6. vijay Says:

    It’s doing great business.

    After dilly-dallying with fans’ emotions, Vijay’s Vettaikaran has finally released over the weekend. The racy entertainer is everything Vijay’s films are made of – larger than life hero, comedy, love, sentiments and action. Anushka gets a slightly-longer-than-a-cameo appearance alongside Vijay.

    Trade Talk:
    Despite whatever the release of Avatar did to dampen the spirits at the box office, Vettaikaran opened to full houses across the state.

    Public Talk:
    Songs, for starters!

    No. Days Completed: 3
    No. Shows in Chennai over this weekend: 350
    Average Theatre Occupancy over this weekend: 93%
    Collection over this weekend in Chennai: Rs. 89,08,491

    Verdict: Good Opening

  7. filmizest Says:

    Huge opening has never been Vijay’s problem, it is sustaining power his films lack. Kinda like Akshay Kumar films. haha. Thanks for the report and initial reviews from people is that it is a decent film and an entertainer. Don’t ask for much else from Vijay films sadly.

    3 idiots for the weekend so I am trying to fit in watching it possibly tomorrow.

  8. vijay Says:

    It was much better than his last 2 or 3 films. The first half is good with comedy, 2nd half you get a sense of been there done that but still kepps good pace and entertains. Anushka is ok not screen time in 2nd half. It will definitely be hit. WOM is way better than Villu Kuruvi. Few BO reports are out. I might post later if you want when I have more time.

  9. ravi Says:

    thalaivaa!!! u rock …vijay anna will shut de critics mouth with kavalkaran.

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