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Surya’s Singam – directed by Hari **Stills** (Updated – Reviews) December 29, 2009

Reviews in the comments section if interested 🙂

.Singam Movie Latest Stills


Wooot! Excited again. I know,I am fickle like that.


Kadhal Vandhale promo 4           

 Song promo 3  


.Punch dialogues…hmmm…his delivery is pretty good and I enjoyed Hari’s Vel and Saamy,still hoping it is kept at minimum.Looks mass entertainer.

Promo 2    


Not too impressed  😦 

Promo 1    







singam anushka 

Singam Movie Latest Stills



singam stills

singam stills   

singam stills

singam stills

singam stills

singam stills

singam stills

singam stills

singam stills




The early stills for this are so OTT and hilarious plus I have serious misgivings of casting Anushka as Surya’s female lead. The girl will look like an amazon next to him. It’s not just her height but her build. I had problems with her pair with Vijay in Vettaikaran and she was just about his height.


singam surya















Hari confirms Singam for April!


 By Moviebuzz | Tuesday, 29 December , 2009, 13:35


Top commercial mass masala director Hari in an interaction with the media confirmed that his Suriya- Anushka big budget action entertainer Singam is 90 percent over.


Says Hari: “ The film is a typical Hari film which means all ingredients for a mass Tamil entertainer like action, comedy, songs, punchlines, sentiments and a moving story mixed together to provide a good time to the common man.”


Hari says the Suriya-Anushka pairing is going to be something new, Vivek’s comedy will make you laugh and Prakash Raj is the bad guy. The film produced by Gjnavel Raja for Studio Green has music by Devi Sri Prasad and will be a summer 2010 release in April.




24 Responses to “Surya’s Singam – directed by Hari **Stills** (Updated – Reviews)”

  1. lapetitediva Says:

    It looks like Anushka is the new Nayantara–i.e. the chick who seems to get cast in every other flick coming out.

    I can’t see her with Surya, and the still I saw of her with Vijay in Vettaikaran just looked…off. Like, I just couldn’t buy them as a pair. They looked more like two people who just happened to be in the same movie.

    Having said that, I like Anushka, but lookswise, I feel she comes across better on film than in stills.

    Prakash Raj should receive a lifetime achievement award for playing bad guys.

  2. nazh Says:

    im a big fan of surya sir…but anuksha is not suitable for surya and vijay also because of her height..why not hari choose somebody else like nayan…..but the best pair is surya with asin..THAT’S NO DOUBT…suryaaaa plz act with asin again,we all luv both of u,,,, luv u surya and asin

    • filmizest Says:

      I agree Asin suited Surya very well and so does Tamannah. Nayan is okay, thechemistry in Aadhavan was so-so only.

      Does Asin even have a film as of this moment?

  3. vinesh Says:

    HIIIIIIIIIIII SURYA SIR i am bigest fan 2 u………… ur next KAMAL HASAN…………..MY BEST WISH ALWAYS 4 U……

  4. surya fan Says:

    I love you surya

  5. surya fan Says:

    Oh and by the way,
    surya and tamannah- awesome
    surya and anushka -awesome
    surya and asin-totally awesome!!!!!

  6. ani ajayan Says:

    stylil surya than no.1

  7. GaNgULyKuMaR Says:

    Im a FaN SuRiyA Sir…………I LoVe SuRiyAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………..

  8. filmizest Says:

    Audio launch pics, thanks for the link Laura 🙂

    All look like they were having fun and Surya looking great if you can overlook the tablecloth shirt.

  9. Cynthia Says:

    Ok I hate those types of trailers. So much going on, switching betweens scenes so fast that I have no clue as to what the movie is about, especially since I haven’t read anything. At first I thought very stylish then 😦

    • filmizest Says:

      right?!! what the hell was that? doesn’t say anything about the movie. Sun pictures, it must be their thing because Vijay’s Sura trailers were none too impressive either.

      Just watch Ayan and Aadhavan trailers. Awesome. This is the first Surya film….I am thinking meh!

  10. vijay Says:

    Just came across this. Enna kodumai ithu! he’s trying too hard to reach b c centres. dialogue is laughable.

    • filmizest Says:

      hahaha, what? you don’t believe he can bring down his prey with such a punch? They will be floored for sure LOL! His delivery is fine at least IMO.

      I agree, It’s too much and doesn’t suit him but I don’t see anything wrong in him doing such roles as long as he balances it with other type films. Raththa Sarithiram is there too as well as Murugadoss’s film.

  11. filmizest Says:

    DSP performed to 3 songs at the audio launch, these functions looked fun for once. Surya having fun too. cute.

  12. Nicki Says:

    Surya is awesome and one of my fave actors. Not feeling the weird looking moustache but have to watch him on screen because I may feel differently

    • filmizest Says:

      I kinda like the fact that he tries to look different in every film. The same goes for Vikram. I am not a fan of the mustache but I am sure he will make it work .

  13. filmizest Says: Verdict: Best Commercial Entertainer… Don’t Miss It – 3.5/5

    Indiaglitz review – Roaring, soaring, pukka entertainer – Verdict: Paisa Vasool – Watchable in parts for Surya’s awesome performance

    Indiaglitz review

    Behindwoods Review– Engaging Masala 2.5/5

  14. filmizest Says:

    Mini review:

    Watched Singam last night. I went to see it with friends, it was house full and we had lots of fun.

    Fast paced, full on masala entertainer. Nothing new story wise but we all knew that going in I guess. Good looking, down to earth hero who can dance, outwit the villain and fight if necessary (Surya btw, shouted a lot of his dialogues). Anushka, I was worried would look too tall but, not too bad as chemistry between them was good. She had a decent screen time too which is rare in mass films these days. Prakash Raj was as usual and the interactions and back forth between hero and villian was typical Hari but still watchable. DSP composed songs are just ok but looked good on screen. People went crazy for Kadhal vandhale song!

    Minus point for Vivek’s innuendo jokes. Also the only film where they didn’t take care (camera use) of Surya’s lack of height which is noticeable.

  15. surya fan Says:

    surya asin please act together. we’re waiting next movie. mr murgadoss please drop surthihassan in 7m arivu because she not suitable for surya better chose asin again in your
    next project

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