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Anuoshka Interview January 11, 2010

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The yoga instructor-turned-actress, Anoushka Shetty, debuted in Tamil films with the Sundar C directed ‘Rendu’ opposite Madhavan a few years back.  The film flopped at the box office, making Anoushka jittery and forced her to shift base from Kollywood to Tollywood.


Though she has done quite a few movies in Tollywood, last year’s ‘Arundhati’ ranks as her best hit in all languages till date.  The film, a heroine-oriented role, brought to the fore Anoushka’s amazing screen presence and her acting credentials.


‘The unprecedented success of ‘Arundhati prompted its producer to dub the film in all the South Indian languages.  The Tamil version of ‘Arundhati’, released with the same title, ran to packed houses all over the State and even gave the big films a run for their money.


This prompted Tamil producers and directors to queue up and sign up Anoushka in their films.  She has had her comeback venture in Tamil films opposite Vijay in ‘Vettaikaran’ . She also has ‘Singam’ opposite Suriya, another top hero in Kollywood.


A Tete-a-tete with Anoushka


How did you feel prior to and after the release of ‘Vettaikkaran’?

It was great to work with Vijay, who is so simple and down-to-earth.  I certainly didn’t have any attitude problems with him.  The film’s box-office collections are quite encouraging.  As an actor, I can only perform and can’t assure the success of all the movies in which I’m involved.  We can only do our best and hope for the best.


How’s your ‘Singam’ opposite Suriya progressing?

‘Singam’ is another typical commercial entertainer buy my role is quite a significant one in the movie.  I have been learning Tamil sincerely to look realistic while lip-synching the dialogues and have begun to understand Tamil a lot better now.


Are you gearing up for a long (second) innings in Kollywood?

I’m very well aware that there has been a lot of competition in Kollywood. I personally feel that as long as you remain talented, have the looks and choose the right character to suit your personality, one would always be getting the offers and would be in demand.  There are lots of talented actresses in Tamil cinema and there is enough space for everybody. Healthy competition is necessary as it helps in keeping us on our toes.


What’s up next in Telugu?

 My next Telugu release would be ‘Vedham’, which is a collage of four different stories.  It’s an interesting script and I am looking forward to the release of this multi-starrer.  There is also a film with Mahesh Babu where I get to play a meaty role.  Here again, all the characters are well-designed and have their share of screen space.  I have also committed myself to the film ‘Panchakshari’ produced by Chandra.


Are you doling ‘Panchakshari’ to help out your ex-make-up man?

It’s indeed true that he was the first make-up artist I worked with.  I had promised that I would do the film and am quite happy that the script has shaped up really well.  I am excited to be part of this contemporary saga.


You mean to say that you would continue your No.1 status?

I have never believed in this number game or the rat race, as it makes very little sense to me. I have just chosen some solid scripts and am happy to be starring in them. When people say that I’’m a superstar, I feel happy but I haven’t yet got carried away with it. 

Do you feel your profession makes you travel so much?

Travelling doesn’t stress me as I basically love it and ensure that there is sufficient gap between tours.  In fact, 10-hour sleep post-travel rest or sleep is more than sufficient for me.  However busy I might be, I never miss out on ‘workouts’ since its ‘necessary to stay fit and trim’.


What are your future plans?

Those who know me very well can vouch for the fact that I am a bad planner.  I select good scripts and every role is an opportunity to enhance my histrionic skills.  Right now, I’m concentrating only in acting and spending quality time with my family back in Bangalore occasionally.


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