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Prabhas, Kajal in Darling – **stills** (updated – Reviews) January 11, 2010

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Collection of reviews in comments section.


Darling movie new stills-17


Darling movie new stills-16

.Darling movie new stills-1

Darling movie new stills-7

Darling movie new stills-18

Darling movie new stills-11

Darling movie new stills-20

Darling movie new stills-2



prabhas darling

prabhas darling poster


prabhas darling poster

prabhas darling

prabhas darling poster

prabhas darling poster

prabhas darling posters




Darling prabhas kajal 

 darling Prabhas Kajal stills

prabhas darling 0012 Prabhas Darling Movie Stills


prabhas darling 0018 Prabhas Darling Movie Stills


prabhas darling 0019 Prabhas Darling Movie Stills


 prabhas darling 0008 Prabhas Darling Movie Stills



Working stills


darling working stills

Prabhas Darling



prabhas Darling

prabhas Darlingm




Karunakaran directed ‘Darling’ starring young rebel star Prabhas and young beauty Kajal Agarwal is currently progressing in Hyderabad. The talkie part of the film has been completed. A couple of song and few action sequences are yet to be shot. Filmmakers are planning to complete shooting by February 15 and release in the first week of April.


‘Darling’ is said to be an action-based, romantic entertainer with sentimental touch. Tamil actor Prabhu is playing a key role.


BVNS Prasad (producer of the ‘Chatrapati’) is producing the film under Sri Venkateswars Cinechitra India Private Limited banner. Music is scored by GV Prakash (Ullasanga Utsahamga fame).



31 Responses to “Prabhas, Kajal in Darling – **stills** (updated – Reviews)”

  1. filmizest Says:

    Sorry, It looks like there are no pics of Kajal in this set.

  2. piyaara Says:

    It makes a change, I suppose, to not have any pix of the main actress. Then again, the film crew are probably taking up the first weeks shooting schedules with Prabhas, before Kajal’s call-sheets kick in.

    It’s sort of odd that the bulk of South Indian films are centered on the hero, yet all the photo galleries are predominantly heroine oriented.

    Moving on…

    …I noticed that if I hold my mouse over the pix in your post, I get the tag:

    “Prabhas Darling,” which I found vaguely amusing…

    • filmizest Says:

      ha, Interesting. I never noticed the mouse hovering thing before. You get to see the tag I put the pics under. Glad to have provided little amusment also.

      About the photo galleries dominated by heroine photos, I’d say, guaranteed more hits. We ladies are more picky, don’t ya know. LoL.

  3. bollylove Says:

    He looks great. I am still waiting to get hold of Ek Niranjan dvd. It is likely this one will be in Cinemas before that happens. Unlucky for me.

  4. shiva raju Says:

    this is shiva raju & gopichand frm warasiguda prabhas fans association. prabhas darling is looking james bond.
    prabhas is tolly wood ka badsha. aii the best young rebel star prabhas darling.

  5. Emily Says:

    I like the look of this one — maybe more romantic comedy than tough-guy action thriller? A girl can always hope, right?

    And oh, Prabhas looks nice. So handsome!

    • imienazwisko Says:

      Karunakaran is known for a sheer romantic movies with a less action than usual and he use to give the heroine a lot of screen time and a demanding role.

      Some stills here are shallow-worth!

      • filmizest Says:

        ^^^Thanks for the stills Teresa.


        It does look more romantic but I wouldn’t put money on it as yet.

        Updated with more lovely and romantic stills, I hate the writing on them (not that I blame them)and will replace when I find other pics.


  6. bollylove Says:

    As much as I love the boy and he can wear a sack and I would still find him hot but a serious talk with his stylist wouldn’t go amiss.

  7. filmizest Says:

    What I am getting from skim reading these reviews: Nice light summer family entertainer, good music, good Prabhas kajal chemistry and good comedy in second half. Excellent. I will be watching this and possibly Prasthanam this weekend.

    Great Andhra – 3/5 – watch it for Prabhas – 3/5

    123Telugu – 3.75/5

  8. imienazwisko Says:

    Seems like it will be a hit 🙂
    As far as I read most of reviews, only Jeevi is comlaining much. Awesome! 😀

  9. sru... Says:

    he is too handsome in the mve darling…..

  10. filmizest Says:

    What does Jeevi know right? 😛

    According to movie is a success so happy for Prabhas because I don’t remember his last hit movie. What was it, Billa?

    Prabhas, Kajal starrer ‘Darling’ seems to have delivered its promise of a pleasant love story. Reports are flowing in from various centres that the box office collections have been very promising. It’s a new record for Prabhas as well, as the film opened with great collections all over. Directed by Karunakaran, the film was produced by BVSN Prasad on ‘Sri Venkateshwara Cine Chitra creations’. Irrespective of the mixed reviews the film garnered, it hasn’t affected the box office collections. Even the overseas box office records have brought a smile on distributors and producer’s face. The film had hit the screens on April 23rd and it opened with houseful boards everywhere. On the whole, it’s a big hit in Prabhas’ career and sources say that it’s a good sign for the industry as well which has been waiting for a big hit for quite sometime now.

  11. siva Says:

    congrats to prabas

  12. bollylove Says:

    Yes congratulations to Prabhas. The reviews sound promising. I am waiting for the dvd as always. I hope it doesn’t take as long as Ek Niranjan.

  13. m.yugandhar Says:

    Hees too handsome and shes sooo hottttttttt tooooooooooooooo……….. and a nice and cool combination at i never yet seen in tollywood

  14. sneha Says:

    hi prabhas n kajal both of u have done a good job and both of u look like you’re made 4 each other i luv neeve neeve song v.much

  15. santhusiva Says:

    Ilove u kajal darling………..!UR so pretty
    Ilove u PRABHAS “DARLING”……….!!!!!!

  16. nandu Says:

    hai prabhas

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  18. namratha Says:

    i love all pabhas and kajol cenima’s there both jodi are superb and i am a great fan of prabhas and kajol

  19. sampath Says:

    phabhas darling your you lucky and so wounder .your all movies suparb, and im waiting for bhahubali my frends are very big fan with u

  20. sampath Says:

    suparb prabha

  21. shilpa Says:

    I really like this pair. prabhas and kajal you guys are amazing

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