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Mahesh Babu in Arjun January 16, 2010

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While looking for a song of Mahesh and Preity Zinta from Raja kumarudu on youtube, look what I came across! real good quality too. I haven’t seen this since it came out 2004/5. I remember loving it. Mahesh babu as the cute boy next door is adorable. I loved all the emotional scenes and all what he goes through for his sister. 


Songs are great too. Ra ra ra is my favourite followed by Ye Pilla.



Ra Rajakumara song


3 Responses to “Mahesh Babu in Arjun”

  1. bollylove Says:

    I watched this, thanks to your link. Mahesh was cute and. I was hoping for more romance than just in a few songs and It was more violent than I expected but I liked it. The husband was pure useless. Prakash Raj does evil dad pretty good as usual.

  2. Nicki Says:

    Thanks. Will watch today. I have the dvd but no English subs!!!

  3. Cynthia Says:

    One of my favorite Mahesh Babu films. I love the scenes of them fighting in the beginning. Hahaha his character is such a big baby, then he turns around and kicks ass when he mom and sister are threatened.

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