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Siddharth’s Baava – (Updated – release 29th Aug 2010) January 22, 2010

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Rai Rai song

Milla Milla song  

Title song  

Pannendella song 

Love it!!     Nagra Nagra  


New Stills



Bava (12)

Bava (9)

Bava (11)

Bava (1)

Bava (2)

Bava (10)

Bava (4)

pranitha bava

pranitha baava

siddharth next



Bava Movie Latest Stills

Bava Movie Latest Stills

Bava Stills

Bava Stills

Siddartha’s Bava Movie stills-3


Siddartha’s Bava Movie stills-2

Siddartha’s Bava Movie stills-01

Siddartha’s Bava Movie stills-4

Siddartha’s Bava Movie stills-1


Baava movie stills-4

Baava movie stills-2

Baava movie stills-3


I don’t know who the lead lady is, she doesn’t seem to have attended the launch.


siddharth Bava film launch


siddharth Bava film launch

siddharth Bava film launch

siddharth Bava film launch


44 Responses to “Siddharth’s Baava – (Updated – release 29th Aug 2010)”

  1. lapetitediva Says:

    I like the look Sid’s sporting.

  2. imienazwisko Says:

    Shruti Hassan, the lady who scares me, is the female lead there. Her nana idviced her to learn telugu 1st but i don’t think so that she will listen to him.

  3. MinaiMinai Says:

    Oh… wow. I think I can unequivocally say that Sid is finally looking his age. And mighty fine, might I add. Mighty, mighty fine.

  4. Nicki Says:

    Woah…Sid is looking hot!!

  5. Kiran Says:

    Wow! Sid is looking real good. And i just love the title ‘bava’. Its just 4 letters but gives so much of the feel of the film away 😀
    For the first time Siddhu is not playing an urban yuppie in the movie….i’m sure its going to be awesome.

    • bollylove Says:

      what does bava mean?

      • filmizest Says:

        It can mean elder brother in law. Cousin from your father’s side too can be your bava.

        As one can marry their bava, I think a girl can also refer to her would-be as bava.

        I am always confused with all the familial relations so will clarify and get back to you.

  6. filmizest Says:

    Hi Kiran 🙂

    …In regards to the leading lady or ladies in this case, some info I came across;

    Pranitha who is in Kannada films

    Kriti Kharbanda

  7. bhuvan reddy k Says:

    sidhu bhai stills baghunai… full njoyment anukunta with rajendra parasadgaru….

  8. Santhosh Says:

    Want to know from siddu how is his experience acting with Rajendra Prasad ..

  9. prasanthi Says:

    baava kekaa.

  10. Dinesh Says:

    అబ్బ ! stills ఆదిరై !
    సిద్దార్థ చాలా glamours గా కనబడుతున్నారు. expectations బాగా పెరుగుతున్నాయి !

  11. filmizest Says:

    so many new visitors, thanks to @Actor_siddharth for giving out the link to the blog after my twitter comment (loving @actor_siddharth in the short shirt kurtas, nice colors). Thanked me by DM too. so sweet and curteous.


  12. rama Says:

    stills are good & iam sure this is going to be a cool one…….

  13. swetha Says:

    hey sid pics are very nice.expectations perigipotunnai.waiting 4 ur movie 2 release.

  14. teju Says:

    siddu chala bagunadu n pics batti chuste ‘baava’ family entretrainer ani anipisthundi kaaannnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii siddhu costumsssssssss anthaga bagalevvvvvvvvvvv i mean in d sense siddu ki ea costums aina superbbbbbbbb kani ivi mariiiiiii bagalevuuuuuuuu sry siddhu……….bcz oye lo superb costums asala fabulous ipudu palleturu backgrnd aina marialantivaaaaaaa rowdy lagaaaaaaaa

  15. teju Says:

    n siddhu hto shruthiiiiiii ani talk vachindi mari ee ammai eavaruuuuuuuu……………..hmmmmmmmmmmm…………..anywyzzz siddu love uuuuuuuuu u alwyz rockssssssssssssssssssssssssssss all d best 4 ur upcming moviesssssssssssssss

    • Sudha Says:

      Hey sid, from the stills it looks like there would be a lot of teasing between you(rowdy bava) and your maradalu. I like the characters from your parents.. but somehow Rajendra prasad sir’s makeup did not suit him.. i feel it is overly done. A little older look would suit him more..

      • Iraju Says:

        Rajendra prasad garu’s make up is not good. too much…it will be a treat to see them together, both have great timing.

  16. I hope you and Rajendraprasad.. rocked.. awaiting for it eagerly…

  17. anushka Says:

    you lok realy vry cute in these pics

  18. Vinod Says:

    just cant wait of rthe movie to release guys… The pics depicts extraordinary comedy scenes.. combination of sid and Rajendra sir is must awaiting and new.. good luck guys..!!

  19. Sunaina Says:

    Hi you are looking cute Yaaa…… What about working in tamil films?

  20. anusha Says:

    SIDDU achum palleturu telugu vadila vunadu he is sooo nice in his way of style thanks to siddu for giving all of us this link in twitter and seeing this still i can surely say that bava just rockzzzzzz

  21. sampath Says:

    hi …sidds…u r lukin new yaar ….. rock the movie

  22. Sayandeep Nandy Says:

    NIce look.. SIdhu…. whn dis movie gonna hit d floor????????????

  23. durga prasad Says:

    bava super title na.
    it’s looking very nice.
    i like that word very much bcoz i love my maradal.
    i pray for god it’s having such a big hit for sid.

  24. Instinct Says:

    Aww, Siddharth is such a cute “Baava” 😉 . I am looking forward to this movie!

  25. Instinct Says:

    Siddhu and RP in ONE FRAME- more reasons to look forward to this movie 🙂

  26. Ravi Says:

    nice… plz i want heroen photos plz

    bava super title na.
    it’s looking very nice.
    i like that word very much bcoz i love my maradal.
    i pray for god it’s having such a big hit for sid

  27. Cynthia Says:

    Oh this looks interesting. I can’t wait to see it.

  28. filmizest Says:

    @ Sayandeep Nandy, you mean releasing? 10th of Aug but I don’t know how concrete that date is.

  29. asha Says:

    hiiiiiiiii siddu u really rocking in these pics yar……….

  30. deva katta Says:

    looks super cool and very energetic. all d best.

  31. madhu Says:

    siddu,u r amazing.i wonder,how can u look so young???!
    wish u all the success.

  32. sri harsha Says:

    bhaiyyaaaaaaaaa u rockkkkkk…………….every person in our life journey is book to learn..placed in brain shelves…….ur the sweetest and the best book stored in my heart……….luv u brother……anandam unaa chota nuwu…..nuwu unaa chotaa anandam epudu untadi….lovely wrking experience with u in BAVA brother

  33. vikranth Says:

    sidhu looking chooo hot………..

  34. Raja Says:

    BAVA…… nice title .. siddu is luking diftly

  35. kishorekumar.... Says:

    hey siddu pics r good… a blost with ur new film…

  36. aparna Says:

    supercool pics…..I m dying 2 c d movie. when ll it b release?
    But dont understand d meaning of the title.

  37. nithin Says:

    want to know that wen will be this film releases

  38. bollylove Says:

    OMG I love theses trailers. Thank you so much.

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