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Rare Song Videos January 23, 2010

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A  fun song I haven’t heard or seen for a long while.


From Vijay’s Bhagavathi (2002)



I was reminded of this song via this post on masala w bigosie l blog. I used to be crazy for this song. This film was Simbu’s debut and may have been Charmi’s also.


It’s a cute typical college rich girl poor boy love story. They had great chemistry from what I recall. There is a big scene where he is invited to her parents’ party and humiliated in public. Angst filled songs later, there is a happy ending.  Yay! 


Quality is not great and it took long to find this particular song from the film. It’s still great fun watching it….lol, and Wth kind of dress is charmi wearing to the beach?



There is also a subplot of Prakash raj who plays either Simbu’s father or step-father who is always suspcious about his wife’s fidelity. 





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