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Surya, Vivek Oberoi in RGV’s Rakta Charitra **stills/trailers** (Updated) February 9, 2010

Title song (telugu)    


Hinidi teaser -Khaul Khaul Ke song. Sounds like Surya dubbed for it himself.    

Rakht Charitra Stills


More stillls on RGV’s blog –


Working stills 


Rattha Charithram – on Location (8)

 Rattha Charithram – on Location (10)

Rattha Charithram – on Location (8)

.Rattha Charithram – on Location (12)

Rest here:


Telugu version trailer featuring Vivek, Shatrughan Sinha and others (even more violent). I don’t know if I am going to be able to watch this film.



.A track sample with some new stills posted by RGV.



Thanks to Ajay (@trulyajays) who sent it to me because for some annoying reason I can’t open tweetpic and tweetphoto for about a week now.


rakta charithra


Surya as Maddelacheruvu Suri and the actor playing Moddu Seenu.





.Surya - Rakta Charitra Stills

Surya - Rakta Charitra Stills


rakta charitra

rakta charitra

 IMG_2632 by rgvzoomin.






surya Maddelacheruvu Suri

surya Maddelacheruvu Suri



 * Suriya will play the role of Maddelacheruvu Suri who is the main accused in Paritala Ravi’s murder as the film is based on the latter’s life.


* Bollywood actor Shatrughan Simha is portraying the role of Legendary NTR in Hindi version. In this film Shatrughan Simha has gone for a complete make over. For the first time in his long film career he will be appearing without moustache.


RGV’s forthcoming offering is , a film on the life of Paritala Ravi, one of the most feared individuals in the blood-ridden faction politics of south India, particularly Andhra Pradesh, who was assassinated in 2005.


 Rakta Charitra will be in 2 parts released three months apart and in Hindi. Music is by Mani Sharma.








14 Responses to “Surya, Vivek Oberoi in RGV’s Rakta Charitra **stills/trailers** (Updated)”

  1. Nicki Says:

    Woah, almost didn’t recognize him!!!

  2. filmizest Says:

    How did I miss this? Ram Gopal Varma had a whole blog entry dedicated to Surya’s eyes. hehe, my favorite feature after his smile. Anyway it’s really interesting. Some great pix too.

  3. Kiran Says:

    I read that article the other day too, ha! Surya is looking amazing. He just seeps into any character and his eyes speak volumes. After a long time this is one Varma film i’ll be looking forward to…but at the same time i’m dreading it too.

  4. filmizest Says:

    Very interesting piece on Surya and his BO status from the same guy who is trying to sink Raavanan with his silly articles.

    Suriya joins the millionaires’ club

    Sreedhar Pillai, TNN, Jun 28, 2010, 12.00am IST

    Suriya has joined the lucrative Tamil cinema’s overseas millionaires’ club. Yes, the overseas rights of his film Ratha Sarithiram, directed by Ram Gopal Varma, has been sold for a record Rs 4.5 crore (over US $1 million)!

    Suriya joins the illustrious ‘million dollar club of Tamil superstars’ which includes Rajinikanth ($2.5 million), Kamal Haasan ($1.5 million) and Vijay ($ 1 million).

    One of the producers of the film, Madhu Mantena, says, “Yes, we sold the overseas rights for over $1 million to a Malaysia-based company. It is the highest-ever overseas price paid for a Suriya film. The film is being simultaneously made in three languages — Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. However, this sale is purely for the Tamil film’s international rights.”

    On Suriya, Mantena, who also co-produced Ghajini in Hindi, says, “Ramu says that Suriya’s eyes are deadly and there is something about him that will attract the Bollywood audiences. Mark my words, Suriya is going to click in Bollywood, and perhaps, will become the first actor from the south to make a successful crossover.”

    The rights have been procured by the Malaysian company after they saw some action sequences and Suriya’s performance in the film at RGV’s office in Mumbai. “We are simply awestruck by what we saw; the power-packed action scenes are stunning. Suriya has never been seen like this before and this film is surely going to create havoc at the box office!” says a visibly excited Anand Sivam, head of the company which purchased the overseas rights.

    Meanwhile, the overseas market of Tamil films is booming, as the worldwide Tamil diaspora, especially Sri Lankan Tamils, are crazy about Tamil superstars. Today, for a Tamil superstar, his huge salary depends purely on the reach he has in the overseas market. If the star is only popular in Tamil Nadu, he is not considered to be a part of the superstar league!

    Suriya is fast emerging as a phenomenon in the international market. His recent Singam—a huge hit in the overseas market— figured in the top 15 in the UK box office. Ratha Sarithiram will be released in Tamil as one of Suriya’s largest releases ever. In fact, the Mumbai trade is saying that RGV and Madhu Mantena will make more money out of the Tamil version than the Hindi and Telugu versions put together!

  5. Vijay Says:

    :quote:Very interesting piece on Surya and his BO status from the same guy who is trying to sink Raavanan with his silly articles.:/quote:

    I think he has been biased on his reporting on Raavanan because he didn’t like the film, secondly he is pissed with Mani for treating Tamil press badly during promotions. Saying the holidays and gov saving the film is rediculous.

    • filmizest Says:

      It’s totally unprofessional. I saw the latest trade report. Ridiculous is the word. Not that I disagree with the overall verdict of Average but to not give credit for the full booked initial of 10 days is not good. I think the fact that it is doing massive business in Kerala should count also. parava illai, it has done great compared to Raavan anyway.

  6. Chetana Says:

    Didn’t the film initially started out as the one on Paritala Ravi’s life with Oberoi as the “main” protaganist. Now wherever I see its only photos of Surya and very minimal of Oberoi.

    • filmizest Says:

      Yes yes yes, Vivek oberoi is nowhere to be seen in the promotions…even the latest working stills are mostly of surya and RGV seems to be taken by him…what with waxing lyrics about his eyes n all.

      My take is that RGV is releasing the Tamil version, Raththa Charitram, first in Aug so promos will obviously concentrate on surya.

      The Telugu/Hindi version comes in 2 parts of which 1st part release in Sep. so he still has time to push and promote vivek then…I don’t know, it is a weird strategy.

      • Chetana Says:

        So Tamil doesn’t have the second part? or are the two parts abridged into one for Tamil? It sure is weird..

        • filmizest Says:

          I am assuming it is the two parts put together and since it is a 4plus hour film, edited heavily. I don’t think he would make a film only from point of view of MSR but Who knows? I don’t read his blog and he barely gives info out on twitter.

          Edit: Just found one pic with Vivek. I’ve put it up.

  7. Chetana Says:

    One interesting thing about RGV movies is the casting. However the movies are, he always manages to cast so many talented actors – some new faces as well as some faces we haven’t seen in a long while on screen, like subhalekha sudhakar, zarina wahab, sushmita mukherjee and ofcourse shatrugan sinha. :-). Just hope the movie turns out interesting too.

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