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Vikram Ileana in Vedi – (Updated) April 1, 2010

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Original cast for V Kumar’s Sci Fi 24 which has now been shelved.


It seems  that the producer has dropped the director and his story but kept Vikram and Ileana. The new director is Boopathy Pandian and it is going to be a ‘cop’ story like Saamy.


…so latest is that it will be dubbed into Telugu and  Brahmanandam will be the comedian. Devi Sri Prasad will do the Music.


vikram ileana 24


At last, the good news of Illeana’s willingness to do a Tamil film made her fans in that state quite happy.  That she has not been able to do a single Tamil film in years, owing to her involvement in Telugu film after film here, is well-known.  Illeana has reportedly signed a film with Vikram, much to the surprise of her rivals and fans.
To be directed by Vikram K Kumar of 13B fame, it has Chiyan Vikram playing the lead.  The film was to kick off in the month of November, but it did not take off for some reasons.     

 What may have implored her to go to Kollywood now?  Is it the money or the script?  We guess it is the latter, because given Vikram Kumar’s intelligence and Chiyan’s flair for acting in quality cinema, which prodded the damsel to opt for a Tamil film.
Her latest film Saleem has bombed at the box office, which her disappointed fans feel she should not have signed in the first place.  But, she should have given a nod because it was coming from none other than her first director YVS Chowdhary.

Hope she never repeats such mistakes and rules the roost in both Telugu and Tamil.



7 Responses to “Vikram Ileana in Vedi – (Updated)”

  1. imienazwisko Says:

    No… Better make place for better actress like Mamta or Genelia, not her.

  2. lapetitediva Says:

    I read either an article or an interview where it was claimed that the bad experience she had while filming Kedi was what prompted her to not do any more Tamil films. I’m thinking it was the money rather than the script that made her change her mind. Personally, I think she’s a better fit for Telugu films, and I don’t really see her and Vikram as an onscreen couple, but I will check out her second Tamil venture just because I like her.

    Saleem, Saleem…I’m trying to remember who else is in that and what it’s about, but I’m drawing a blank and I’m too lazy to Google. I know she has/had that one movie with Nitin, Recchipo or however it’s spelled, but for the life of me, I can’t remember Saleem, although the title sounds familiar.

    • filmizest Says:

      Saleem is correct I think. the actor is Vishnu. It was a crap film according to most reviewers. She seems too young for Vikram but anyway it depends on story.

      I don’t know KEDI, who is in that?

  3. filmizest Says:

    This film has been shelved.

    Director Vikram was reported saying “I scripted ‘24’ keeping Vikram in mind. A difference of opinion between Vikram, producer Mohan Natrajan and me had happened. We didn’t want to continue as it was very difficult to handle.

    I would like to clearly state that there is no problem whatsoever with Vikram or the producer.”

    Asked if the movie would happen at a later stage, the director replied positively saying, “I will rework on the script and when I am done, I’ll start with a new hero and a producer.”

  4. piyaara Says:

    A bit late, I know but, ‘Kedi’ starred Ravi Krishna, Tamanna & Ileana.

    I wonder how much it would cost any producer to get them both in the same film now?

    Then again, that would probably seem like nothing, compared to the cost of a film which featured both Shriya & Genelia…

  5. Jeyamaran Says:

    That is awesome………..

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