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One For The Weekend. Enjoy!! April 4, 2010

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Added:  One of my fav Kuthu song of all time,Thirunelveli Halwa … from Vikram’s Saamy.  Love the sequence starting at 1:50.



Something different than usual for this weekend. I Have been watching this video from the brilliant Paruthiveeran following a little chat with Minai on Kuthu pattu and dances on her site


I do think it is one of the best videos to show various forms of Kuthu dance. It’s not glamorous or filmi (what a thumbshot hehe…) but I really love it. Enjoy!


Song – Oororam Puliyamaram


Film –  ParuthiVeeran (2007)  

 Language – Tamil


Music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Singers are  Kala, Lakshmi, Pandi, ‘Madurai’ S. Saroja. Paruthiveeran is directed by Ameer Sultan and stars – Karthi and  Priyamani.




2 Responses to “One For The Weekend. Enjoy!!”

  1. MinaiMinai Says:

    Lovely! I adore the video from Saamy- wow, the Vikram dances I was watching are nothin’ compared to this! He’s so good at the kuthu “persona.” Brilliant. And I am mesmerized by the Paruthi Veeran video. That urumi drum beat is so killer- who needs slickly produced synthesized beats when you’ve got the earthy tones and rhythms of kuthu instruments? I love everything about it and the uninhibitedness of the performers.

    Question – Before I even knew what kuthu was, I noticed those traditional female dancers wearing the “grass” skirt and the headdress. What are they called? I get annoyed because they don’t do anything other than sway their hips and move their arms whenever I’ve seen them in a song. I wanna see ’em dance! 😀

    Think I’m leaning towards doing a kuthu compilation b/c it is just too much fun!

  2. filmizest Says:

    Vikram doesn’t do these type mass roles anymore, pity. You should watch the scene leading up to the song (opening scene of the film). Great fun!

    Re. the dancers in the grass skirts, you mean the colorful skirt? I don’t know what they are called. Sorry. They are usually part of a procession leading to a temple or around a temple during festivals. Puliattam, Mayilattam dancers(dressed like tigers, peacock feathers) some using dummy horses…. would also be a part of it.

    I don’t see them take a huge part in film dances, there are many village based songs where they feature in the background.

    Actually, in Silambattam, there are dancers dressed similarly,

    Damn you YT for the annoying ads and Eros for not letting me embed hq vids. Get on my last nerve….and so early in the day.

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