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Other Language films curtailed in Kerala! April 6, 2010

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 By Moviebuzz  | Monday, 05 April , 2010, 19:48

It may sound shocking but from May 1, 2010 no new releases in other languages (Tamil, Hindi, and English) will be allowed in Kerala simultaneously with the all India release.


Film Distributors Association Kerala (FDAK) has decided to implement this controversial decision to clip the wings of other language films (OLF) in Kerala.


Remember in the last few months films like Avatar, 2012, Vinnayithaandi Varuvaaya, Vettaikaran, 3 Idiots, My Name Is Khan has done fantastic business in Kerala.


For example if a Tamil film like Vijay’s Sura is to release worldwide on May 1, it cannot release simultaneously in Kerala! As per the new order of FDAK, OLF can release in Kerala only two weeks after its worldwide release. It smacks of protectionism, and a subtle effort to scuttle the popularity of OLF in Kerala.



The FDAK claims that OLF is now releasing in as many centres as a Malayalam film and in the process killing small films which are finding it difficult to get theatres. They point out some form of protectionism is required to save Malayalam films if they are to be given a decent run by the theatres in Kerala, who prefer OLF have to be encouraged theatres should compulsorily screen them.


But the Film Exhibitors Association Kerala (FEAK) has made it clear that they will continue to patronise OLF and would prefer simultaneous release along with the rest of the world. A spokesperson of FEAK said : “For us it is purely a commercial decision on what we screen, as we have to run our theatres profitably.”



4 Responses to “Other Language films curtailed in Kerala!”

  1. Kiran Says:

    That’s really sad & counterproductive. This has been in the works for quite some time, hasn’t it? Are you sure Telugu films have not been included in the OLF list. Allu arjun has a huge fanbase there & i suspect his films would be high on the target list.

    • filmizest Says:

      It is truly sad. I believe a lot of Malayalam film by the 2 M’s are flopping left right and center. Especially Mohanlal’s.

      I would assume this rule/ban would apply to all non Malayalam films. I am confused actually because the same ban was supposed to be happening a few years ago. I wonder what happened with that.

      The reason Telugu films have not been mentioned in this article may be because they normally do not have similtaneous release any way. I know Arya 2 released in Feb 2010 and Varudu is releasing in May or something.

      OTH, I know Vettaikaran had same date release in Kerala.

      • Kiran Says:

        I didn’t know that! I thought both Mohanlal & Mamooty are still reigning supreme in Kerala. Wasn’t Pazhassi Raja a huge success? Maybe it was a one off thing.
        I remember reading Sirish’s article sometime back where he said that the entertainment tax was as high as 70% or something for non malayali films in Kerala while Andhra had the lowest tax rate in the entire country.
        Something has to be definetly done to let Malayalam films thrive & survive. But this is surely not the way to go about it.

        • filmizest Says:

          Oh, they still rule as far as I can tell. Afterall, talent is there so offers of movies won’t be lacking but stories are just nothing new. Way of Story telling has changed these days, more mass orientated roles, not as much character driven story telling from what a Malayalee friend tells me… and at such senior stage, let’s just say Prithviraj looks better doing these action/average movies.

          I think it doesn’t help that Mohanlal does 5/6 film a year. That is too much. Better to concentrate on quality than quantity IMO. Pazhassi Raja was a huge hit, you’re right. There are hits but definitely more flops.

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