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Darling Audio Launch and Allu Arjun B-day celebrations **Pics** April 8, 2010

Yummy pictures! Enjoy!



Darling  prabhas audio launch

darling audio

Darling  prabhas audio launch


7 Responses to “Darling Audio Launch and Allu Arjun B-day celebrations **Pics**”

  1. MinaiMinai Says:

    I love it! You should see some hits from BollyWhat about this soon. 😀

  2. MinaiMinai Says:

    Also- I love that Galatta magazine pic of Anuskha in your sidebar! I thought SouthScope was the end all be all of South Indian magazines, but apparently not! *Off to find out more info online*

  3. Nicki Says:

    Thanks for the updates. You are awesome

  4. filmizest Says:

    You’re both welcome. I enjoy it. I was disappointed with the lack of fun at the Varudu audio launch but this has made up for it. Arjun is having fun as usual and Prabhas looks darling..hehe..the hair cut makes him look older but suits him. I thought they may keep this a low key affair because of his dad passing I was pleasantly surprised.

    @MinaiMinai, the Galatta mag has been around a while but I think it’s quite small contentwise. They are trying to revamp though probably to compete with SC.

  5. bollylove Says:

    Omg! why did he cut his hair? It will take a while to get used to it. Is it for a film? Prabhas and Allu Arjun always look like they have so much fun together and I recognise some of the people from other events.

    Thanks For the promos too. He is looking so good in that.

  6. KANI MOZHI.R Says:

    hi edhu rombha alahaa erukku naa telugu movie fan…!!! naa tamil nadu

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