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♪♪ Nenje Nenje ♪♪ April 12, 2010

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Couldn’t sleep much…so watching videos before getting ready for work.    


This one on repeat mode.  What a song from Harris Jayaraj. Such beautiful visuals…and how eye popingly GORGEOUS does this man look?!!!! Small youtube embed player doesn’t do him any justice.    


Wishing everyone a wonderful day 🙂   




Might  post lyrics and translation another time.    


Nenje nenje nee engae?  Naanum angae ..    O my heart/love, O my heart /love, where are you? I am there   

En vaazhvum angae….. My life is there  

 Anbe anbe naan ingae….. Dear …dear I am here  

 Dhegam ingae… My body is here  

 En jeevan engae? …. where is my life ?  



En nathiyae en kan munnae vatri ponaai … My river you dried up before my eyes 

Paal mazhaiyaaga ennai thedi mannil vanthaaiand … Came back searching for me in this earth as rain bearing clouds  

 En thaagankal thirkaamal, kadalil yehn serkiraai?… Why are you merging into sea Without quenching my thirst?  



Nenje nenje nee engae?… O my heart/love ! O my heart /love where are you?   Naanum angae ..I am there  

 En vaazhvum angae….My life is there  



.Kannae.. en kannae naan unnai kaanaamal … Dear.. My dear…. without you  

 vaanum mannum poiyaaga kandaene… I saw the earth & sky as blank   


.Anbae per anbae…  dear … my dearest dear  

 Naan unnai seraamal … without reaching you  

 aavi en aavi naan itru ponaene…  Soul … my soul , I have lost it  



Veyil kaalam vanthaal thaan neerum thaenaaghum… Even water drop turns into honey in hot summer  

 pirivondru kondraal thaan kaadhal rusi aagum…..seperation only makes love more sweeter   



 Un paarvai padum thuram… My life span is  

 En vaazhvin uyir meelum…..Until you are there  

 Un muchchu padum neram …. when your breath touches me  

 En thegham analaagummy …  My body heats up  



 Nenje nenje nee engae?….O my heart/love ! O my heart /love where are you?  

 Naanum angae ..I am there  

 En vaazhvum angae…. My life is there  

 Anbe anbe naan ingae… Dear … dear I am here  

 Dhegam ingae … My body is here  

 En jeevan engae? … Where is my life ?  



Kalvaa.. Hey kalvaa nee kaadhal seiyaamal … Thief…hey thief…without you loving me  

 Kannum en nenjum en pechchai kekkathae…My eyes and  heart wont listen to me  



Kaadhal nee kaadhal athu pattu pogathae … Love … my love would never fade  

Kaatru nam bhoomi thanai vittu pogathe … Air would never leave earth  



Aaghayam idam maari ponaal poghaddum …Let the sky change if it wants to 

Aanal nee manam maari poghakudathae … Don’t you change and leave me  



Hey manjal thaamaraiye … Oh yellow lotus  

En uchcha tharagaiyae … My distant star  

Kadal mannai ponaalum …Even if the sea dries up  

 Nam kaadhal maarathae …My love would never change  



Nenjae nenjae nee engae?… O my heart ( love ) ! O my heart ( love ) ! where are you? 

Naanum angae ..I am there  

 En vaazhvum angae …My life is there  



Anbae anbae naan ingae … Dear … dear I am here  

Dhegam ingae …My body is here  

 En jeevan engae? …Where is my life ?  



 En nathiyae en kan munnae vatri ponaai ….My river you dried up before my eyes  

 Paal mazhaiyaaga ennai thedi mannil vanthaaiand … Came back searching for me as rain bearing clouds  



 Un thaagankal thiraamal mazhaiyai vaikirai … Why are you going without quenching your thirst with the rain


7 Responses to “♪♪ Nenje Nenje ♪♪”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Yes he is goreous and the video is nicely done.

  2. Shona Says:

    oh, i love this song too!
    lyrics are beautiful…my fave lines were

    “veyil kaalam vandhaalthaan neerum thaenaagum…
    pirivondru kondhalthaan kaadhal rusiyaagum”

    (only when there’s summer will you appreciate water/rain.
    likewise, only when there’s separation, will love be “flavorful” (interesting/appreciated))

    on screen, i loved it when Tamannah sings the lines below:

    “aagayam idam maari ponaal pogathum,
    aanaal nee manam maari pogakoodathu”

    (even if the skies change their location, your mind should never change and leave (me))

    and the way Surya, goes off, but then, looks back at her and sings

    “kadhal manaal ponalum, nam kaadhal maarathey”
    (even if the sea turns into sand, our love will never change)…

    oh my god, love that look on his face man!!!!

  3. Kiran Says:

    Nenje nenje is my absolute favorite too. I can never tire of it.

  4. ajnabi Says:

    It’s so beautiful! Love both of them. And, if you do have the time, I would very much appreciate the English translation, since I can’t find a copy with subs.

    • filmizest Says:

      My translation is just too literal and doesn’t feel as poetic, it doesn’t feel right. I will try to adjust mine somehow or see if someone has the dvd and see if they did a better job 🙂

  5. bollylove Says:

    Thank you for translating it. What a beautiful song and they do love the desert setting, don’t they?

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