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Raavan – Abhishek Vikram Aishwarya *stills/trailers* (Updated – Reviews) April 16, 2010

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Reviews in the comments section.
Dialogue promo 2        
Dialogue promo 1 
Katta Katta song promo      
Ranjha Ranjha song promo   
 Thok De Killi Promo ( Ravaan) – diff version than posted earlier, Aish looks beautiful.  
Hindi Dialogue trailer 3       
 Trailer 2  Behene De song


   ravana vikram 
 raavana vikram
I have no idea whether to have 2 different posts for the films or not ….. For now here is the Tamil Version Raavanan’s first poster. Much more menacing that Abhi’s na? 
   raavan stills
Woohoo!!! Finally! Enjoy!
No Vikram, WTH!  Suspected it anyway. Waiting for the Tamil Version. It is short but good impact IMO. Abhishek is Raavan in this (hindi) version I am sure of it. Great sounds so far. Outstanding music so far.

13 Responses to “Raavan – Abhishek Vikram Aishwarya *stills/trailers* (Updated – Reviews)”

  1. aishfan Says:

    I don’t get tird….keep watching over an rocks

  2. anu Says:

    WOWW!! I love it. I haven’t been this excited since, I don’t remember when. I can’t wait for Vikram’s teaser. BG score sounds out of this world.

    @filmizest, Abhi definitely plays Raavan in the Hindi version. Obviously they can’t give the lead to Vikram even though he will still overshadow Abhishek.

  3. Kiran Says:

    Wow!! Love the Vikram’s poster. Much better than Abhis’s for sure.

  4. bollylove Says:

    Both posters look great imho. Vikram does look more scary in his. I haven’t seen Abhishek in a film since Dostana and I am very much looking forward to Raavan.

  5. filmizest Says:

    …removing the Abhi pic that was alongside vikram’s. I believe it was fan made to resemble it.

  6. filmizest Says:

    Not at all impressed by Abhisheks latest poster. His expressions are just off. Vikram is supposed to look adoring which he does beautifully and effortlessly. Abhishek is supposed to look menacing presumably which is just a fail.

    Ha, just realised that is Vikram’s Raavan in that poster. I had automatically assumed it to be the Ram character. Very different ‘faces’. Interesting.

  7. Kiran Says:

    Is that the official telugu poster? Why oh why did they have to name is ‘Villian”? Why couldn’t they name it Raavanudu or even better Asokavanam :(?

    • filmizest Says:

      Yep, that is the official title from what I ‘ve gathered. I can’t understand their thinking. So lame!

      • Kiran Says:

        Maybe the title Raavan was registered by some other telugu film. But still they could have done some homework & come up with a much better title. I wonder how Mani gave his consent to this.

  8. vijay Says:

    I tell you, only think that will mess this for me now is madam fake expressions.

  9. kricksen Says:

    i have download ravan songs from

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