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Raavanan – Vikram, Aishwarya, Prithviraj (Updated – Reviews) May 12, 2010

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…Separated into a new post, as the other was getting too long and confusing.    


Reviews in the comments section.



​Raavanan campaign reaching fever pitch,

ravana stills              



.villain gallery 2 pic 5    

villain gallery 2 pic 4    


Kattu Sirukki extended        

 .  ..      

Arghhh! why are the Tamil previews so short compared to the Hindi versions. I wanna see more 😦        


Keda Keda  promo           


Kattu Sirukki trailer           



Telugu dubbed version of Usure Poguthe (Usure Poyene?) Some very nice new scenes. stunning.  I love the shot of Viram at 0:14 sec.




High quality official Kodu Poatta song promo          



Kalvare promo – Aish looks great with Prithvi also, don’t know which jodi to root for….        



Theatrical trailer        




Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai              

Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai           

Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai        

Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai        



 Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai          


 Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai            

Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai        




 Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai       



raavanan stills                


vikram raavanan          


 raavanan stills                   

        vikram raavanan           

vikram raavanan
aishwarya raavan
vikram ravanan
vikram ravanan stills


Mani Ratnam,Raavanan,AR Rahman,Vikram,Ash,Rai


First look  posters             


ravana vikram stills


29 Responses to “Raavanan – Vikram, Aishwarya, Prithviraj (Updated – Reviews)”

  1. vijay Says:

    Terrific images! particularly the first and third. Thanks sis.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Woah! Nice, Vikram is looking very hot. I am looking forward to seeing the Tamil version especially though I will watch both.

  3. filmizest Says:

    @Vijay third pic is fierce, can’t stop looking at it

    @Cynthia yeah very hot, powerful. giving off tiger on a leash type vibe.

  4. filmizest Says:

    Great interview with NDTV’s Prannay Roy. He talks about his experiences with Raavan, what drives him and some of his films.

  5. ajnabi Says:

    Squeeeeeee! *So* excited.

  6. filmizest Says:

    I feel more chesmistry between Vikram and Aish here than with Abhi. Maybe I am biased…

    Few pics from the special event in Chennai
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  7. filmizest Says:

    Vikram (looking handsome but so short next to Abhi) at Cannes promotions. Credit to @PrithvirajBlog

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  8. filmizest Says:

    Trans to my favorite Usure Poguthe here. Such a beautiful song. It was a pain to format into columns….ufff!

  9. Rajivk Says:

    Chiyaan super pics…waitin for it

  10. Chetana Says:

    Vikram looks so much better than AB in similar scenes, in terms of intensity and even in songs like kodu potta when compared AB in respective hindi song.

  11. filmizest Says:

    ^^Yes!! This has been consistent throughout all the stills and promos. Actually except maybe the latest promo, I am alittle disappointed. It is strange how same scenes have been cut to give totally different feel. The Hindi version is more dark, intense and atmospheric.

    • Chetana Says:

      True. May be AB made them do that since everybody is appreciating Vikram, not him ;-).

      BTW, I might be wrong but I am guessing that the movie’s inspired not only from Ramayan but also from “Kingkong” in the aspects like “heroine trying to escape-kong goes after her-saves her from various creatures-heroine starts developing soft corner”.

      • filmizest Says:

        If I am not wrong, in cases of King kong and other ‘lady falls for her captor type films’ the ladies will not be married or if they are, the husband/boyfriend is cruel/uncaring so that the audience is clear about which side to take. What intrigues me here is that how safe Mani Rathnam is going to play this angle because from the promos both the husbands seem very loving.

        • Chetana Says:

          I don’t know about the older version but in the recent version of kingkong, bf is not cruel/uncaring person.

          And, seems like Mr. Ratnam did try this angle in the movie coz according to the official synopsis, “Raavan is a journey which will test their beliefs, convictions and emotions. Emotions, which are as scary and confusing as the forest. The forest becomes the battleground. The battle between good and evil, between Dev, and Beera, between Ram and Raavan. But when the lines dividing good and evil are blurring fast whose side will you take? When hate turns to love and the good start’ looking evil, which side will you battle for? Love is a battle that nobody wins but everyone must fight. Even this Raavan.”

  12. filmizest Says:

    Measly 30sec promo annoyance aside, what I notice is how much more Priyamani’s blouse exposes in Katta Katta song.

  13. Nicki Says:

    Cannot wait for the movie! I may watch it when I’m in MN with a couple of the girls.

    • filmizest Says:

      Me too. Possibly too much. Enjoy yourself! I just hope it’s worth all this hype.


      Another interview with Vikram in English. He is so sweet talking about struggling with his Hindi dubbing.

  14. filmizest Says:

    Villain dialogue promo, very good even with dubbed Aish.

  15. bollylove Says:

    Thanks for all the updates. I love the new picture in which Vikram is staring at Ash.

  16. Chetana Says:

    Any idea who did the dubbing for aish in telugu? Sounds very familiar. Could that be Rohini? Did she do in tamil too?

    • filmizest Says:

      Have no clue about Telugu. I think Aishwarya Rajnikanth may have dubbed for her in Tamil. There was so much hoopla about dubbing her own voice in Tamil also but I guess she was not confident enough with the language. Disappointing.

      btw, I commented on one of your older posts on your blog. I love the photographs. stunning! Especially the birds and the one of Golden Gate Bridge. You should put watermarks on them.

  17. Chetana Says:

    Yes, I saw those comments and replied too, but many days after you commented. Yes, I should serioulsy start thinking about watermarking. Wasn’t taking our work (my husband’s and mine on the blog) and copyrights/watermarks etc too seriously until a recent experience of somebody using my photo in their blog without a mention and being arrogant when I commented about that. I used to believe its not a big deal and its a way of compliment to my work if somebody uses/copies my work, until it hurt a lil when it actually happened. I’ve put up a creative commons license at the bottom, fully realizing it wont’t stop anybody, and I should get to watermarking too.

    BTW, thanks for the good words and suggestions..!!

    • filmizest Says:

      I see your point about wanting to share your photos and that’s really nice of you. Many takes pics of the net including me but I am always hesitant when it is obvious that they are either private or a work of art or from a photographer’s site unless they are signed/obvious where they came from.

      Shame about that person, least they could have done is given credit.

      Instead of huge watermarks in the middle may be just sign them in a corner or something.

      on topic, hehe…will you see Raavanan/Raavan this weekend?

      • Chetana Says:

        Didn’t plan to watch the movie raavan/raavanan at all until I saw Vikram’s version of Veera :-). In the tiny city we live in, tamil/telugu versions are not screened if there is a hindi version availabe. so not sure if I’ll be able to watch regional version anytime soon but I read somewhere that big cinemas is going to release regional version in 30-40 cities. Hope that’ll include our place. If I am gonna watch the movie it’ll be only for Vikram and may be for the cinematography and ofcourse rerecording of Rahman.

        What about you?

      • Chetana Says:

        On an aside, I didn’t see any of Vikram’s movies after he became a star. Guess I was never really enthused, even while everbody around would rave about sethu/pithamagan, the reason partly being I can’t understand tamil, and dubbed telugu versions have horrible telugu and horrible voices (which was the main reason for me to miss out on some of the wonderful tamil and malayalam movies. Wish they release dvds with subtitles atleast in the future). But now I’ll watch tamil if telugu is not available, and if at all I’m gonna watch hindi, I’ll save it for much later date. 🙂

        • filmizest Says:

          Yeah, I will be watching Raavanan tomorrow night. Hindi/Tamil are easily available. Telugu sometimes have to go a bit further but still there. I watch most big star films in theater.

          I hate dubbed into a different language films too. These days almost all Tamil Malayalam films are available with subs on DVD. Theater is another matter.

  18. I have to say this movie looks exciting. I really want to see this. I love it. the production value is spectacular.


  19. filmizest Says:


    Not among mani’s best but not to be missed

    Indiaglitz – Big. bright and beautiful

    Behindwoods – Watch Raavanan, it’s visually poetic!

    Here is a review comparing, Raavan and Raavanan

    From page 3 onwards..

    Everything that’s missing in ‘Raavan’ is in ‘Raavanan’ , in which Bachchan is replaced by Vikram (Aishwarya and Priyamani play the same role, and Vikram’s part is played by Prithviraj). It’s alive and vibrant and cohesive in all the ways that the Hindi one is not, and it’s all down to the fact that Mani Ratnam is making his film in his own language. No disconnect between the characters and the place : even Rai looks homegrown instead of some exotic transplant, fulfilling the promise we had first glimpsed in Ratnam’s ‘Iruvar’.

    It is also all down to Vikram who makes the difference. His Veera is the bravura act that a role like this and a film like this needs, channeling anger and pain and desire with equal ferocity and felicity.

    This is a Mani Ratnam freed up from trying to create conviction in an idiom he doesn’t understand, and from having to cash in on the Abhi-Aish cachet. When you see the sparks between Vikram and Aishwarya, you can quite easily speculate how it would have been if Raavan and Sita had met before she met Ram: tender passion, not wimpish doubting of a faithful wife.

    The Tamil version is better directed, better acted, better edited, with music that’s organically welded. The lines are sharper, the supporting cast and the main leads connected. ‘Raavanan’ is a film; ‘Raavan’ , by comparison, is costume drama.

    Watch ‘Raavan’ only if you must. Choose ‘Raavanan’ , which is subtitled in English, instead: it is infinitely more rewarding.


    My Review –

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