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Prabhas’s next – Kajal, Tapsee *working stills* June 25, 2010

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Title rumored to be – Mr Perfect









kajal tapsee




23 Responses to “Prabhas’s next – Kajal, Tapsee *working stills*”

  1. bollylove Says:

    What a smile. His hair suits him so much and the clothes look better than in Darling so can’t ask for much more, can we?

  2. ajay Says:

    wow!…Prabas new hair style is awesome….kajal is also gergeous…..this movie will also rock

  3. Liz C Says:

    The second one worries me. It looks like it may be more of the super baggy clothes from Darling—nooooooooo!!!

  4. filmizest Says:

    Added more pics. I say definitely an improvement on the darling baggy clothes. He’s looking very handsome.

  5. Prathna Says:

    Loving the new haircut. Suits him more. Makes him look younger infact hehe..

  6. ajay Says:

    Parabas with small hair cut and cool billa costumes really attracted.
    hope a huge hit again
    thanks shewta for sharing

  7. varma Says:

    Prabhas is tollywood top hero,no one can reach him.

    PRABHAS ROCKS…………………………….

  8. Ajay Says:

    Mr.Prefect it wont be the Title, why because the title has already registered by Surendera reddy (Director of KICK)…..

    I think he wont give, and now there in tollywood so many are fighting for titles naa…..
    that’s is my view…

  9. bollylove Says:

    I haven’t checked back in so long and this film is still not released? Is darling out on DVD yet do you know?

    btw, the first 4 or 5 pictures are not showing.

    • filmizest Says:

      Hey you, no it still hasn’t released. I can see those pics aren’t working, Thanks. I haven’t been on these days so not keeping up.

      Darling has definitely out on DVD. It is a nice movie, enjoy and report back ok 🙂

  10. RAMMOHAN Says:


  11. sreekanth Says:

    hai frnds u know i styled my hair style as like as prabhas in mr.perfect………. i lik it so much nd iam big fanz………………….of prabhas ………………….. prabhas………….d whole industry

  12. phani varma Says:

    prabhas is no one actor none other than any one varmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. REENA Says:


  14. Malik Says:

    Prabhas the king of tollywood.

  15. koutilya Says:

    hey our dRLING REALLY gngain darlingGNG 2 ROCK us once again in dis season yar no doubt in it

  16. Jayapriya Says:

    I love prabas…i don’t know telugu but i watch brabas film only….love u da darling ummma…

  17. anu Says:

    hey wht awsome look prabaa daling love u so much

  18. prabhath Says:

    hai mr.perfect ur very hand some in this film i wish u to act in more and more films with kajal

  19. rebel going to rockzzz

  20. shelin Says:

    LoVe ur Smile…

  21. shelin Says:

    LoVe ur smile

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