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Half Yearly Report – Telugu & Tamil Cinema July 1, 2010

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I have added the Tamil report which is not as extensive in the comments section. (Sify’s confused trade reporting continues…they are calling Raavanan as hit now)


By  | Thursday, 24 June , 2010, 09:42

2010 has so far been good for Telugu cinema despite the fact that the success ratio has not increased. Very few big films lost money and even the small films got a good mileage. Balakrishna’s Simha is the biggest blockbuster so far. At the end of six months, the final hits and misses in Tollywood are as follows.




Collections: Biggest hit so far and might end up making a profit of Rs 30 -35 Crores.
Cost of production: About 18 Crores
Profit/Loss ratio: Producer Parachuri Prasad (his son Kiriti is the official producer though) safely released the movie despite a track-record of flops. He made huge money after the release. Distributors got the biggest profit ever in the recent times. Distributor in Guntur made huge profits. Interestingly, distributor of Nizam too had big laugh, although traditionally Nizam is considered a weak territory for Balakrishna. Producer sold off satellite rights (Rs 3 Crore) to Maa Tv before the release, if he had sold it after the release, it could have gone for more than Rs 5 Cr.



1. Adurs     
Cost of production: Rs 26 Crores
Profit/Loss ratio: Collected nearly 30 Crores. Collections affected badly in Nizam after the controversies. Some distributors made profits in the coastal Andhra districts – Nellore, Guntur. Satellite rights (Rs 4Crores) fetched big money to the producer.


2. Ye Maaya Chesave
Cost of production: Made at a budget of Rs 10 Crore.
Profit/Loss ratio: Vizag distributor minted money. It created some records there. In Hyderabad too, it collected good money. In total, the movie went on to collect Rs 12 – 15 Crores. If it were not released during the exam period, it would have collected more.


3. Darling
Cost of production: Rs 18 Crores
Profit/Loss ratio: It had a bad start but made some good money. It brought relief to its main distributor Dil Raju who lost heavily in his previous movies. In the Nizam area, he nearly made a Rs 4 Crores profit excluding his investment. In the Vizag (Uttarandhra), Guntur, Godavari areas too it did well. The distributors had a good profit.


4. Betting Bangarraju
Cost of production: Rs 6 Crores
Profit/Loss ratio: The Movie was solely with Ramoji Rao’s Mayuri distributors and the producer made a cool Rs 4 Crores profit.


Break-Even Movies

1. Leader
Made at Rs 11 Crores, the film was able to recover the cost with satellite rights included. If it were made at a much lower budget considering the fact that it did not have a star cast that demands high remuneration, it would have been a hit financially.


2. Sambho Siva Sambho
Made at 14 Crores, the film was a profitable venture for producer Bellamkonda even before its release. It lost heavily in Nizam and overseas but ran well in the B and C centres. It was not a profitable film for the distributors, nor did they lose on it much.


3. Bindaas
Bindaas had a decent run but was not a profitable venture for the producer. It was an average success.


Status of current movies..

1. Vedam
Vedam released to positive reviews but the genral public did not like it much. It is a big hit overseas. But in Andhra Pradesh, the distributors might loss despite a good haul in the first week. Collections dropped drastically. It is still running so, the final result will be gauged only later. Reportedly made at a Rs 16 Crores budget, producers could sell it off handsomely before the release as it was touted to be multi-starrer with Allu Arjun and Anushka. Producers also made money by getting a great price from Satellite rights (Rs 4 Crs).


2. Golimaar
Golimaar had a poor opening compared to Puri’s earlier movies but it is drawing some good collections. Few more days will decide its real fate. Flop or break even. Made at Rs 14 Crore and sold in the same region, it needs another two or three weeks solid run.


Big Flops (nearly total washouts)
1. Maro Charitra
2. Varudu (Good first week)
3. KD (Producer almost lost 8 to 10 Crores)



1. Namo Venkatesha
2. Rama Rama Krishna Krishna<


Films which sank without a trace

1. Om Shanti
2. Seetharamula Kalyanam Lankalo
3. Taj Mahal
4. Young India

Critical acclaim, but a loss for the producers

1. Prasthanam (The film won rave reviews, but it didn’t fetch money for producer.)
2. Andari Bandhuvaya




15 Responses to “Half Yearly Report – Telugu & Tamil Cinema”

  1. filmizest Says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize Simha was such a massive hit. From those listed, I loved Vedam, great movie and performances. Leader was A good film too but not a favorite and I think Rana was just OK.Darling was a nice film, lovely songs and lovely Prabhas, what more can a girl ask for right?! Ye Maya Chesave, Samantha was very good, Naga Chaitanya not so but since I loved VTV and those performances so much comparison may be biased.

    • filmizest Says:

      Tamil Cinema Hits of 2010 so far – half yearly report

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      Suriya’s Singam, directed by Hari, was a run-of-the-mill mass masala film, but it was watchable because of the awesome performance of Suriya as a cop.Hari refuses to move away from the comforts of theformula, and believes that he can go on rehashing his earlier films. Ultimately, it is Suriya who carries the film to the winning post.
      His passion and the way he brings an ordinary, regular, larger-than-life hero alive on screen is a lesson for other commercial heroes.

      Verdict: Super hit



      Lingusamy road movie laced with mass elements and extraordinary songs picturised in a stunning manner. Credible performances from its lovable lead – Karthi and Tamannaah – make up for the holes in the story.Technically, it is Lingusamy’s best work, enriched by Mathi’s eye-catching camera work, Antony’s crisp editing, Rajeevan’s exotic set designs and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s foot tapping music.

      Verdict: Super hit


      Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

      Gautham Menon’s film clicked big time with urban audiences. The film was backed by awe inspiring performances from the lead pair, Manoj Paramahamsa’s eye-catching frames, AR Rahman’s songs, great screenplay and a stunning climax.It was a return of romance and struck a chord with anyone who has fallen in love, felt the unbearable anguish of loss, and knows the feeling that binds people in love together.
      It stresses the fact that Tamil cinema has to break the mould if it aims to grab eyeballs.

      Verdict: Super hit


      Tamizh Padam

      CS Amudhan’s Tamil Padam, a hilarious spoof on Kollywood, went on to be a huge grosser. Making a spoof on Tamil films is a sensitive issue, as our heroes and industry people are not willing to be criticized. Amudhan’s satirical look at Tamil cinema was a welcome change.The film worked big time to a large extent because Tamil cinema has more cliches than any other cinema in the world. The director hits out at our larger-than-life heroes who specialise in mass masala and cardboard ”heroism”.

      Verdict: Super hit


      Angadi Theru

      Vasanthabalan’s Angadi Theru, a raw, hard-hitting realistic film, pulled at your heart strings. It had enough drama and powerful characters to keep the story flowing. The film is also an expose on the inhuman conditions young people have to undergo to make a living in Chennai’s urban jungle.
      It was an honest film. Full marks to director Vasanthabalan and producers Ayngaran International, for backing such a bold and brave film.

      Verdict: Hit


      Aayirathil Oruvan

      Selvaraghavan’s action adventure was a brave attempt at trying to come out with something new in the placid world of Tamil cinema. Breaking away from the shackles of stereotypes, the director transports us to a whole new world and, at the end of it all, we are dumb stuck by the visuals, the packaging and the new way of storytelling.
      The film has a terrific first half with a basic thread, comedy, action, eye-catching song picturisation, stunning visuals and grandeur. The film combined violent action with murky mysticism.

      Verdict: Hit



      is technically the finest movie made in recent times – superb camerawork by Santosh Sivan and Manikandan, never-seen-before stunning locales and crisp editing. The major plus is Vikram as Veera who towers above all.He brings a primal mixture of beauty, affection and savagery to the character. You can feel the earnestness of his intentions and the wetness of his tears, especially in the climax. He adds the little touches that make all the difference to the film.

      Verdict: Hit

      More on this at Indiaglitz 5/58 films worked at the BO

  2. ajay Says:

    Wow!…the half yearly report really hurted me.
    a super hit movie “Leader” is not in the hit list. . “Betting Bangaraju” is an comedy flick and it is not hit. Anyway analysis of the hits of the flops may be different from one people heart to another’s. As per my view . . .Varudu movie has commerical values and that type movie did not came in the Telugu industry right now. And Simha, adhrus, namo venkatesha, Bindaas, are routine story oriented movies, but the direction taking is different. I liked movies of this year “Darling”,”Leader”,”YMC”,”Sambo siva sambo”,”Vedam”,”Prasthanam”,”Varudu”

    and i did not like movies like “Andari Banduvya”, “Kedi”, “Bindaas” because the story plot and the characters seems as like the Kalisundamuraa movie by venkatesh. and Kedi movie is also simillar to one english movie.

    • filmizest Says:

      It is a shame that Leader is not a hit but at least it broke even and gives hope to makers not to only concentrate on typical mass films. The same with Prasthanam, I have not seen this one yet but it has recieved critical acclaim.

      Adhurs was not as bad as I thought it would be actually and I watched Namo Venkatesa last night and liked it.

      I agree Kedi was not good at all.

      • Rahul Says:

        Leader did not deserve to be a hit. Ye maaya chesave should have crossed 30 crores, it was a great movie and the only proper one out of the list!

  3. Anu Says:

    5/58 sounds bad. All in all, huge films, huge stars, huge hype works regardlless of the content except for Angadi Theru which is good but over rated in my opinion but I am happy it is a hit. I wish more small films would be a hit. Aval Peyar Thamizharasi is one such film, heroine centric very good performances. I Would recomend it to you.

    • filmizest Says:

      Thanks for the reco Anu, I have read about APT and will definitely see it. You’re right that not many small films, at least compared to last year, made it to the hit list. Tamizh Padam can be considered small I guess, maybe, but then there was some hype for it because of its subject material.

  4. Beauty T Says:

    Simha made a much hype as well as worth the movie to watch. This is a very good movie and sure that its a blockbuster so far in 2010.

  5. Thanks for information…Leader is also hit movie… this the best movie than darling, ye maya chesave, betting bangaruraju.
    you have to change leader to hit catogory…..

  6. Nicki Says:

    Interesting. Even in Bollywood, the overseas audience may give the film a bigger hit status than in India.

  7. Raju Says:

    Dont you know the collections of Venkys film it got a profit of about 20 crores its budget is 23 and collections is 43 so give correct report dont show any partiality please

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