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♪♪ Kattu Sirukki ♪♪ July 8, 2010

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…in all its beautiful and surreal glory. The most amazing chemistry between Vikram and Aishwarya which I didn’t feel in Raavan with Abhi. Vikram’s quiet predatory intensity and Aish’s awareness of it is amazing to watch. Enjoy!!


There have been discussions between a few friends and me on twitter…we couldn’t quite agree whether Aish starts to feel a sexual attraction to Veera at this point or whether her not fighting back (towards the end) was a sign was fear of his physical strength and that he may hurt her…. judge for yourselves.


11 Responses to “♪♪ Kattu Sirukki ♪♪”

  1. rameshram Says:

    i think the song was supposed to be about when ravanan was first attracted to her, not the other way around.

    • filmizest Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Not doubting his attraction to her at all here (though I think his admiration/feelings start earlier when she throws herself off the cliff )but I also felt she became attracted to him here and her feelings then devolop into love by the end of the film or does she just become sympathatic and understanding to his cause only?

  2. rameshram Says:

    i think the director’s intention was to change her view of him from a prospective killer/rapist, to her seeing him as a man who happened to be imprisoning her ( the change comes in 0:40 and when she cuts him at 2:08 the first impulse is concern and then she screams “let me go” (iow, i dont want you to die, i want to be free ) then, as he encloses her without touching her, she looks like she is resigned to being molested, and when she finds him gone, she sighs in relief. I think the song just humanizes the “deamon” in a way she might feel something for him approaching human affection(love?) for him later. In any case, the monogamous sita’s hard shell has been cracked.

    • filmizest Says:

      Her expressions do not say resignation to me at all. Neither do I see revulsion which we might expect. When she opens her eyes and realises he has left, it came across more as surprise (that she didn’t even notice him leaving) rather than relief imo.

      My confusion on how to interpret this scene came out of the fact that Ragini’s expressions and reactions seem decididly different in the Hindi version and I wondered if it was Mani’s intention or the actors’ interpretation.

      Anyway I am most likely overanalyzing the scene unnecessarily.

      • rameshram Says:

        2:49 , 3.00 , 3:08-3:14 does not look like she’s attracted, more like she’s bracing for his touch, which is not really welcome…although she’s more frightened of what might happen, than repulsed by his proximity. all her signals indicate f
        fear. unmistakably. we cant anticipate anything more about what she will do/feel from this,

      • Anu Says:

        I feel there is more fear that he will overpower her than anything else but I can see what you’re getting at. It’s rather confusing that such a fighter would just stand there. he doesn’t touch her at all and she could have easily slipped out off his arms or at least attempted to. Poor writing.

        • rameshram Says:

          It isn’t poor writing, it is like my palakkad iyer chef’s nickname…ambi kutti.

          Tamils like their movies predigested and like sita’s fidelity – above any doubt and unambiguous.

          Real life encounters are more likely unresolved, like the Kattu sirukki song..specially if protected upper middle class girls from big cities run into the bandillerio types that roam the nilgiris.

  3. rameshram Says:

    and i don’t think he feels sexual attraction for her before this scene. even here i think he feels sexual about her only after she trips him at 1:11 ( the lyrics seem to suggest that the mind is hungry, and it’s natural for that to be so(from the proximity)

  4. vijay Says:

    I would agree that this is the begining of her shell begining to crack. For the most part, there is anger, frustration and fear on her part but I see curiousity and maybe inexplicable attraction too.

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