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Brindavanam – Jr Ntr, Kajal, Samantha **stills**(Update- trailers) July 9, 2010

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samantha kajal  


.ntr kajal 


ntr kajal 

jr ntr kajal 






6 Responses to “Brindavanam – Jr Ntr, Kajal, Samantha **stills**(Update- trailers)”

  1. bollylove Says:

    Nice stills. It looks like good fun. I saw his Adurs recently on youtube and I liked him in it. Who is the other girl. Mamta Mohandas?

  2. Jill Jacobson Says:

    Oh these look fabulous! I can’t wait! It’s releasing in September right?

  3. filmizest Says:

    @bollylove, that’s Samantha Prabhu from Ye Maya Chesave (Tamil VTV)

    @Jill Hi, it looks like they are still filming, and say that audio will be in August and film will release September end.

  4. Sonia Says:

    lovely photos!!!! 🙂 samantha is looking fabulous!!!

  5. Chetana Says:

    You are still looking for something unique in storyline in Telugu potboilers? 🙂

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