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Khaleja – Mahesh Babu, Anushka (Updated – Release Confirmed 7th Oct) July 17, 2010

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Khaleja | Powered by


Khaleja | Powered by

I love it!!

Sada Siva



anushka khaleja








How cute is that 🙂 happy moments during shooting. I have put parts 1, 3 and 4 of making bits in comments section







anushka mahesh babu

Khaleja Movie New Stills 

Khaleja Movie New Stills

Khaleja Movie New Stills

Khaleja Movie New Stills

Khaleja Movie New Stills

Khaleja Movie New Stills

Khaleja Movie New Stills

Khaleja Movie New Stills

Khaleja Movie New Stills 

Khaleja Movie New Stills



mahesh babu



Official logo via Mahesh himself @urstrulymahesh – and new stills woo hoo!!…Audio is expected on 15th August.

mahesh Bbabu



I wondered how long it will take before some pictures were leaked since Mahesh himself is announcing shooting locations on twitter… Added some official working stills.


I am also trying out a slideshow feature for some of the older pics to shorten the scrolling to get to comments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


31 Responses to “Khaleja – Mahesh Babu, Anushka (Updated – Release Confirmed 7th Oct)”

  1. Nicki Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Almost 3 years and no Mahesh! Cannot wait to see him again

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Thanks, these made my day. I am always happy seeing photos of Mahesh.

  3. ajay Says:

    the movie name might be Shaaradi or Khaleja…..or samrat.

    Wishing a gr8 success for him.

    Definitely comedy will play a major role, because it is trivikrams film na

  4. Addy Says:

    Here’s hoping it all makes a great film.

  5. Prathna Says:

    Thanks so much for these. So desperate to see Mahesh back onscreen. Its been way too long. I am loving the look he’s got for this movie. Much better than Athidi one I think…

  6. MADHAVI Says:

    thankkkkk u veryyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhh.

  7. bhuvan Says:

    i’m very much delighted to view mahesh pics after a long gap, thanks a lot for keeping these photos!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. filmizest Says:

    You are all very welcome. 🙂 I really like the latest pics a lot too.

  9. Chetana Says:

    There is no Anushka in these pictures yet, right? or am I not seeing right?

    • Chetana Says:

      BTW, you are so well versed with all tamil, telugu and bolly films. Not that it matters but where are you from actually?

      • filmizest Says:

        No. no Anushka. None of these are official stills, just leaked here and there… hopefully we get some official ones with both Mahesh and Anushka soon.

        To answer your other question, I am Indian, my father is from AP but I was born and spent almost all my life in the US.Thank you but my dad is who you can call well versed in films. I get my love of films from him….and the fact that we lived in Chennai for a few years in my early teens. I became crazy for films and the stars then.

  10. Nicki Says:

    Aaahhh, thanks for sharing! You know how eager we fans are 😀

  11. jagan Says:

    niceee superb nd rocking prince garu

  12. adityaadi Says:

    many thanks
    i waited 3 years and now happy alot to see mahesh new pics
    he is awsome yaar

  13. Cynthia Says:

    So many new photos I had missed. Thanks agin. 😀

  14. Knightrider Says:

    we need anu picssss…

    • filmizest Says:

      @ knightrider I hear ya! but none seem to be available except one so far.

      @ bhavana Sure, you can expect more…trailers will be here too 🙂


  15. bhavana Says:

    thanku soooooooo much.i am very much excited 2 c these pics.i am a very big fan of prince. i wanna c more pics.can i expect more ,pls

  16. Cynthia Says:

    Thanks for the drool fest early Friday morning! Darn! I think Mahesh has brought on a hot flash!(not the chai and not hormones) Hahahaha that is my story and I’m sticking to it.

  17. filmizest Says:

    Making parts 1 and 3


    awww, bless! dancing isn’t one of his talents, lol!

  18. Shirley Says:

    Good day! Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark your website.

  19. filmizest Says:

    Track list (from

    Music : Mani Sharma


    Lyric : Rama Jogaiah Sastri
    Singers : Karunya , Ramesh
    Choreography : Raju Sundaram


    Lyric : Rama Jogaiah Sastri
    Choreography : Ahamad khan


    Lyric : Rama Jogaiah Sastri
    Choreography : Raju Sundaram


    Lyric : Rama Jogaiah Sastri
    Chereography : Prem Raksith

    5.THEME MUSIC (Om Namo Siva Rudraya )


    Lyric : Rama Jogaiah Sastri
    Singer : HEMA CHANDRA
    Chereography : Ahamad khan


    Introduction song in the movie

    Lyric : Rama Jogaiah Sastri
    Choreography : Prem Rakshit

  20. @vinaytejareddy Says:

    I Cant wait to watch 😀

  21. vamsi Says:

    i waited fr 3 yrs to see mahesh on big screen nd now the much awaited movie of tollywood nd all fans for mahesh is gonna com :)))))) mahesh u \m/

  22. imran Says:

    Waited Waited Waited and now Finally… Mahesh Khaleja is Coming For Break All the Records In Indian Film Industry. The Stills r excellent. Mahesh ur Mind blowing.. I saw the Shooting stills on small Screen. Waiting to SEE The Movie on Big Screen…!

  23. sandeep Says:

    mahesh………………… in khaleja……….in industry and breaks all records…..dont miss ………see and enjoy

  24. kiran.m Says:

    mahesh anna stills chalu mana cinema 100days ki

  25. Ajay Says:

    Dont check the user reviews and go to the film.
    It is a very nice comedy movie.
    The characters mounted by trivikram was awesome.,

    In the movie only we can mahesh on the screen through out the movie.
    It was a hilarious movie in mahesh’s carrer.

    Gonna watch it…..
    Bhoom saxenaka, sada siva song and pilieche songs cherographed well.

    MAhesh coustmes bring a new feel to the movie.
    Climax is also very low….good take up cameraman yash butt

    • filmizest Says:

      Oh, don’t worry…I won’t go with reviews especially for this movie….waited too long for it. I absolutely enjoyed it. Mahesh’s show all the way. Loved the songs and picturizations so much and comedy was good too. I am glad you liked the movie too. Thanks for your feedback on films as always.

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