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Shankar’s Endhiran – Rajnikanth Aishwarya **stills**(Updated – New trailer) July 21, 2010

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New Trailer – Can’t say I have ever seen anything like it! lol!!



rajni aishwarya








Endhiran (2)

Endhiran (3)



rajni aish


endihran stills

endihran stills


endihran stills

































Shankar has given an interview to a Tamil daily where he has said: “ Endhiran is beyond imagination, with much grandeur and richness. You can see the effort which is to be taken for 10 films in this one film. Rajni is such an amazing hero. Just words can’t describe his efforts.”


On Rajini’s look in the film, Shankar says “Sivaji was just a sample of how young the star can look. In Endhiran he will look even younger. For his make up things, we went to America and searched in many places but nothing came right. Then we tried in India and it worked out perfectly for the character he plays. Normally make-up, Kamal will only take efforts for make up is the public opinion. But in this film Rajni has taken amazing efforts as he waited patiently for two three hours to put up the make-up.”


On Aiswarya Rai- Rajinikanth screen combination, Shankar says: “There terrific chemistry between them, as she plays a medical student. Shankar added that the film has “never before seen special effects and graphics.” They have used a technique called “Animatronics” the use of electronics and robotics in mechanised puppets (Robos) to make them appear to be alive.




Rajnikanth Robot costliest Indian film ever made


The film Robot starring Superstar Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is all set to become grand and entertaining film ever made in Indian cinema. Ayngaran International and Eros Multimedia combinely producing this film with a woofing amount of Rs.165 crores. Robot has become the costliest film ever made on Indian screen. Ace director Shankar is directing this film. Music of the film is by A.R.Rahman. Robot will be simultaneously released in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and other languages.


Rajnikanth will be seen in 100 styles and Aishwarya will be seen in 57 styles for a single song in the movie. The very special song was shot at Ramoji Film city in Hyderabad on Rajni and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The unique song was choreographed by Prabhu deva and it took almost 22 days to complete.


The climax scenes are canned under the supervision of prominent Hollywood director George Lucas. Hollywood technicians have come down to work on the visual effects of this climax scene. The scene is Robot lab destroying in the fire. This scene with huge blazing fire all around will remain for 4 minutes on screen.


In the film, Rajni appears in a dual role, one as a scientist and the other as the robot he creates.


12 Responses to “Shankar’s Endhiran – Rajnikanth Aishwarya **stills**(Updated – New trailer)”

  1. inotherwoods Says:

    This sounds like it could be the pinnacle of awesome, except for Rajini’s habit of never letting you forget that he is RAJINI THE SUPERSTAR. I really want to like him, there are moments when I can see what made him “The SuperStar”.

  2. imienazwisko Says:

    Only costume that I like, which isn’t that fugly, is that raibow sari^^

  3. inotherwoods Says:

    Yeah, that red one is reminiscent of Las Vegas show girls, which is an excellent style for wearing copious amounts of Navajo Turquoise jewelry 😛

  4. filmizest Says:

    There are worst outfits from this film in earlier pics which included all manners of las vegas style glitz, feathers and few IIamas. Lets hope songs are great huh? 😛

    Edit: A Rahman dong the music so, yeah music should be great.

  5. filmizest Says:

    Music launch 31st of July.

  6. Vishea Says:

    Latest storyline check out

  7. Chetana Says:

    I dont know yet what the movie is gonna offer..but as for the pictures, plain blah

  8. Ajay Says:

    wow!…what a collection. all images at one place that is filmizest. . ….Robo will surely get a grand success

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