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Dabangg!! July 22, 2010

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What’s going on??…a full on bollywood trailer on blog since looong. Rockin’! trailer of Dabangg. Loving the title too.


How very ‘south’…including the row of white jeeps, lol!! only disappointment as discussed on twitter…why not take one more awesome step and grow your own mustache…that fake one is lame..worst than SRK’s paheli one.


Malaika and sonu sood!

Theatrical trailer  


10 Responses to “Dabangg!!”

  1. Chetana Says:

    True, the whole thing looks very “south” :-). “Vijayan (stunts)” effect may be. Is this a remake? Sonakshi looks beautiful btw, and also so much like 70s-80s heroines.

  2. Chetana Says:

    ah, I remember, not just like 80s heroines, she looks like reena roy in some scenes, doesn’t she?

    • filmizest Says:

      You’re good! she does look like Reena roy except maybe Sonakshi’s face is longer. She is gorgeous especially in the first few scenes. The whole trailer gives a 70’s feel in a way, keeping in mind this is a hindi film I mean.

      Are you sure Vijayan is the stunt choreographer? I know he did Wanted so I guess I am not surprised.

  3. TadyRox! Says:

    I am absolutely in love with this trailer!!!! Sallu looks kinda sexy with his mustache!

  4. NIcki Says:

    OMFG!! That looks amazing. Yes, very SI-like, me likes 😀 plus I like Sallu a lot! Thanks so much!

  5. filmizest Says:

    @Tadyrox! Thanks for the comment. Glad someone likes the mustache 🙂

    @Nicki, full on SI!! infact reminds me a lot of Saamy’s first scenes, I mean the spitting out the drink and dancing.

  6. vijay Says:

    Are we seriously comparing Salman to vikram? give me a break. full on comedy is what it looks like.

  7. filmizest Says:

    Illai da. I was comparing only a particular scene and the spirit in which the Dabangg song scenes had been done. Not at all saying it compares to Vikram’s performance or that I expect the film as a whole to be of that standard.

  8. DesiFilmism Says:

    Salman looks ‘Bang ON’ … Dabangg is gonna be the film for the season ! And, Sonakshi looks wohoooo !! Watch out !! 🙂

  9. bollylove Says:

    I am looking forward to a Salman movie after Wanted. This style just suits him.

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