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About September 18, 2009

After living in India (Chennai ) for about 5 years in my early teens, I have unbound love for all Indian Cinema, most especially South Indian masala films and stars.


Postings on films, clips, pics and songs that may have caught my eye.  


Comment, share, enjoy!!


Edit:  since few are asking, I am Indian on my father’s side and  born outside India.  Father is from AP but has connections in Chennai. We are mostly based in US but used to travel due to dad’s work.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Nicki Says:


    Thanks for the blogroll. I’ll add yours to mine too. What’s your username at Bollywhat? Or you could just email me.

  2. filmizest Says:

    Hi Nicki, I do frequent Bollywhat, been there a long time but I don’t post.

  3. filmizest Says:

    Anu, have editted about page to add more info. The email address is not valid.

    • waterfriend Says:

      i used to read the Hindu
      malalam films were made in chennai, as there were no facilities in keralam. i am talking about my childhood. malayalam words are derived from tamil, with slight changes.
      malai becomes mala
      thalai is thala
      are u interested in my short stories?
      visit my blog

  4. ajay Says:

    a very nice idea of giving information in blogs, but so many websites will give this, this holds some thing special….
    and post the movie reviews also which u have seen

  5. hey..hope you are doing well…havent heard from you in a very long time..i miss you sis. hope all is well. do get in touch if you can. 🙂

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