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Review – Raavanan/Raavan June 19, 2010

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My plan was only to watch Raavanan last night. Not only because I would watch Vikram 100x over Abhi but also because from  the stills and promos it seemed obvious to me that Vikram would play the role subtle, better. Also early reviews  suggested that Vikram’s role in the Hindi version was nothing to write home about.  Well I can myself now confirm that is indeed the case as I decided  to also watch Raavan straight after.


Raavan compared


First of all, Raavanan/Raavan is clearly inspired from the Ramayana. Why Mani went around categorically denying this fact is beyond me. Anyway this is a film I had been looking forward to for a long time and I was not disappointed.


The film starts with the kidnap of Ragini by Veera. We are not told why but as the story goes on we are given information here and there to explain what is going on and there is also a flashback. I think this is one of the reasons audiences have complained that the 1st half feels choppy and abrupt. A few people who watched with me also complained that pace was too slow. I did not find it so.
Vikram is outstanding. A very convincing performance. He is unsurprisingly very natural and believable as Veera, Very comfortable in his surroundings and as man of the people who is loved, respected and feared. On the other hand,      (more…)

Mini review – Murari November 17, 2009

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On the rare occassion of having all my family members in one place and nothing interesting on television we decided to watch a nice simple film with my fav hero. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.



Arya 2 Trailers – (Updated – Reviews) November 4, 2009

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oops! spoke too soon. Here we are (song trailers at least)




My Review –


Ek Niranjan Reviews/Boxoffice – updated October 29, 2009




Best Review of Ek Niranjan I have come across so far. Puts my thoughts on the film across very very well and in a such an entertaining way. I too loved the cinematography,  Sonu sood hot, Prabhas hotter, the choreography, the love declaration scene, the sound of breaking bones and lest I forget, the title song was all that I knew I would love and more. Did I mention Prabhas? oh yes, him too.


Minor problems with the comedy and the fights did go on too long. The story was not exactly what I’d call unique.


Only difference with the review below, I loved the Music and I have seen quite a few more than 3 and half Telugu films, happily I still feel like that when watching these films.




Read on:     (more…)


Pazhassi Raja Reviews / Boxoffice – Updated October 16, 2009

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Boxoffice News


Pazhassi crosses six crores
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, October 27, 2009]
‘Pazhassi Raja’ is storming Kerala box office, setting up new records after records. The movie has now become the first Mollywood film to collect five crore from theatres in a matter of nine days. The movie has already crossed forty lakh collections from all the metro centres of Kerala, where the movie is being shown in three to four theatres.
Last week, the satellite rights of the movie was brought for a record 2.60 crores by Asianet. The other language prints of the movie will get into theaters by the first week of November.Gokulam Gopalan of Gokulam films, who had taken the biggest risk by going for such a big movie is finally having the last laugh, as ‘Pazhassi Raja’ is now sure to bring him back the capital that was spend on the movie.



Surya’s Aadhavan Reviews/Box office October 14, 2009

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Suriya’s KS Ravikumar directed Diwali release Aadhavan produced by Udayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Pictures has grossed an amazing Rs 79 lakhs from Sathyam Cinemas in 16 days!


As per trade sources, Rs 79 lakhs gross in 16 days is a new record at the multiplex. The collections were fantastic because it was screened simultaneously in two of the biggest screens in the complex for two weeks, with additional shows during the Diwali weekend.




Suriya’s Aadhavan has taken a flying start at the box-office!


The film has released in maximum screens in nearly 450 screens in TN, Kerala and Karnataka.


In NSC area it has done Rs 1.37 crore, while Chennai city reported 100 percent opening on day one of its release. Coimbatore has reported 97 percent on opening day, while in Madurai too the film has taken a very good opening.


And in Bangalore, it released in 20 screens and reported higher revenues than the Hindi film Blue on the first day. In Kerala, at 1000 plus single screens like Kavitha Ernakulam and Anjali in Thiruvananthapuram it has taken 100 percent opening!


Rest here:





Behindwoods Review – 2.5/5


Click for  Full Review:    On the whole, Aadhavan is trademark KSR cinema. It has action, comedy, sentiment, romance, music and masala, not to forget his special appearance at the end. There are flaws, missing pieces, loose ends and a stereotyped climax that might put you off, but commercial cinema is always prone to such errors. If you are not a stickler for logic or substance, there are quite a few positives to sit back and enjoy



Sify Review –  Have Fun.

     (Read Here…)


Peranmai Trailer/ Reviews/ Boxoffice October 9, 2009

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No interest in this film or Jayam Ravi but since this is clashing with Surya’ s Aadhavan I am posting the trailer.  Let’s see who wins the Box office clash this Diwali. Wish Vettaikaran had come on time instead, would have made it more interesting.  Anway, my bet is on Surya.







Sify Review – Brave attempt


Full review here:     Though the film may not have mass appeal to work in B & C it will definitely attract the city audiences for its smashingly original climax. It is a brave film that is trying to change the placid world of Tamil cinema.


 Behindwoods review – 2/5      (more…)


Ganesh (Just Ganesh) film Reviews September 24, 2009

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Idle brain Review – 3/5


Ganesh (Ram) is an orphan who always pitches in to help needy people. In one such strange situation, he is forced to act with Divya (Kajal Agarwal) that he loves her. But later on, she comes to know that he is loving her to fulfill some other ambition and his love is an act of fabrication. By then, Ganesh genuinely falls in love with her. The rest of the story is all about how he convinces her about his true love.


Artists Performance

The 26 kids who acted in this movie are wonderful. They performed naturally and added fun and purity to the scenes they are involved with. Ram is pretty good as Ganesh in this movie. He has shown lots of maturity in performance and dialogue modulation towards the end of the movie. His dances in Ganesa song are interesting. Kajal Agarwal is nice. Brahmanandam’s comedy, though routine gives relief. Poonam Kaur is adequate as the friend of heroine. Asish Vidyardhi alright as a comedy villain. Rohini Hattangadi did a brief role.



UNNAIPOL ORUVAN MOVIE REVIEWs (Updated – Boxoffice news) September 21, 2009


After keeping the movie buffs in suspense over its release due to its legal wrangles, Unnaipol Oruvan, the Tamil remake of ‘A Wednesday,’ produced by Raaj Kamal Films International has finally made it much to the relief of everyone associated with it. The job of director Chakri Toleti is easy and difficult – easy as a readymade story was in front of him and hard as he has to make the content relatable to Tamil audience. By and large, the film has remained loyal to the original script.    Read More…