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Taking Villainy To New Heights April 26, 2010

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This was retweeted by a few people so got my attention. It’s an interesting, if very long, article on South Indian cinema Villains. (Sorry the font size is so small but I am unable to change it).


   Reign of Evil


Reduced to caricatures in Hindi films, Bollywood baddies are now turning South to take villainy to new heights.

BY Rahul Jayaram of Open Magazine


Mukesh Rishi cribs that the days of Bollywood villains like Pran and Amrish Puri are over.In early 2002, Mukesh Rishi endured what he considers his “most uncomfortable” moment as an actor. On the sets of Telugu flick Indra, he was spitting fire in dubbed Telugu at reigning Andhra superstar Chiranjeevi. At one juncture while filming—Rishi playing the bellicose ‘zamindar’ and Chiranjeevi ever the age-defying mass hero—something “unbelievably disturbing” seemed to unfold. The director explained the subsequent scene. In the upcoming frame, Chiranjeevi would finish off both Isaac Newton and Usain Bolt in one blow: he’d jump on the road and roll on the ground to save Rishi’s school-going son from a truck at full speed. But Rishi wouldn’t melt. Indeed, he would have to kill his own son as the child was “touched by the hand of his enemy”.


Rishi had led a fascinating, if tough, life so far. He had grown up in Jammu, had run a stone-crushing business in Bombay, later gone to New Zealand, where he walked the ramp and got married to a Fijian of Indian origin. He returned to India in the late 1980s, first to debut in Bengali cinema, and then work in Hindi films before taking up Telugu assignments in the 2000s. But even he, with experience as rugged as his countenance, hadn’t heard something like this.


“I told the director, ‘Sir, this is wrong. I’m not comfortable doing this.’” The Telugu moviemaker, Gopal B, did a Raj Thackeray on him. “You’re from the North, you wouldn’t know what clicks with an audience in the South. Do as I say.” Rishi obeyed. He went on to impale the innocent child with a sword in front of his family. As cinema, it was intended as a display of brutal feudalism. In truth, it seemed to put actual ‘zamindars’ in the shade.




Vikram Swathi in Selvaraghavan’s next September 21, 2009

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…….asked to tell more about the yet-to-be-titled movie whose first schedule was shot in and around Ladakh, Selvaraghavan said, “The script would attract all sections of the audiences. More than 70 per cent of the film would be shot in the United States.”


According to sources, it’s a commercial thriller. Vikram plays a foreign return who marries a village girl (Swathy). Troubles haunt the couple in the form of another heroine (Hollywood actress). How they emerge triumphant is the rest of the story.


Rest here:

vikram0011  swathi



Loudspeaker Review

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 malayalam movie loudspeaker photos__ _1_

Cast : Mammootty, Gracy Singh, Jagathy Sreekumar, Nedumudi Venu, Innocent, Salim Kumar
Director : Jayaraj
Language : MalayalamScript : Ranjith
Produced by : Time Ad Release
Lyrics : Anil Panachooran
Music: Bijilal
Cinematography : Gunasekharan


Jayaraj’s ‘Loud Speaker’ is a charming film that sets forth a gentle ripple of goodness in your heart. It’s a film about being  a human;  highly gratifying piece of refreshing geniality. 




UNNAIPOL ORUVAN MOVIE REVIEWs (Updated – Boxoffice news)


After keeping the movie buffs in suspense over its release due to its legal wrangles, Unnaipol Oruvan, the Tamil remake of ‘A Wednesday,’ produced by Raaj Kamal Films International has finally made it much to the relief of everyone associated with it. The job of director Chakri Toleti is easy and difficult – easy as a readymade story was in front of him and hard as he has to make the content relatable to Tamil audience. By and large, the film has remained loyal to the original script.    Read More…