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♪♪ Kattu Sirukki ♪♪ July 8, 2010

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…in all its beautiful and surreal glory. The most amazing chemistry between Vikram and Aishwarya which I didn’t feel in Raavan with Abhi. Vikram’s quiet predatory intensity and Aish’s awareness of it is amazing to watch. Enjoy!!


There have been discussions between a few friends and me on twitter…we couldn’t quite agree whether Aish starts to feel a sexual attraction to Veera at this point or whether her not fighting back (towards the end) was a sign was fear of his physical strength and that he may hurt her…. judge for yourselves.


Review – Raavanan/Raavan June 19, 2010

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My plan was only to watch Raavanan last night. Not only because I would watch Vikram 100x over Abhi but also because from  the stills and promos it seemed obvious to me that Vikram would play the role subtle, better. Also early reviews  suggested that Vikram’s role in the Hindi version was nothing to write home about.  Well I can myself now confirm that is indeed the case as I decided  to also watch Raavan straight after.


Raavan compared


First of all, Raavanan/Raavan is clearly inspired from the Ramayana. Why Mani went around categorically denying this fact is beyond me. Anyway this is a film I had been looking forward to for a long time and I was not disappointed.


The film starts with the kidnap of Ragini by Veera. We are not told why but as the story goes on we are given information here and there to explain what is going on and there is also a flashback. I think this is one of the reasons audiences have complained that the 1st half feels choppy and abrupt. A few people who watched with me also complained that pace was too slow. I did not find it so.
Vikram is outstanding. A very convincing performance. He is unsurprisingly very natural and believable as Veera, Very comfortable in his surroundings and as man of the people who is loved, respected and feared. On the other hand,      (more…)

Raavanan – Vikram, Aishwarya, Prithviraj (Updated – Reviews) May 12, 2010

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…Separated into a new post, as the other was getting too long and confusing.    


Reviews in the comments section.



​Raavanan campaign reaching fever pitch,