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Vijay Interview: I am satisfied, happy and at peace: December 24, 2009

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vijay sify interview

I am satisfied, happy and at peace: Vijay
Sridevi Sreedhar  | Tuesday, 04 May , 2010, 13:47

Today, Vijay is an icon in his own right- millions of youngsters idolize him. All top producers, directors and heroines want to work with him and his persona gets bigger with each film. He has survived the highs and lows but remains the biggest phenomenon in Kollywood.


Vijay’s new release Sura has taken a bumper opening worldwide, though he is modest enough to agree with critics that it is another mass formula film. In this exclusive interview to Sridevi Sreedhar, he opens up.



What is your state of mind?

I am happy, at peace.


Sura has been torn by critics. There is always a negative talk about your films for the first three days of release. Does all this affect you?

It mattered to me a few years back but today I have crossed that stage. And bad reviews do not affect me or my film. It’s the audiences who decide the fate of a film not critics. Success or failures don’t matter to me. I take everything in my stride and move on. And I want to make a point to critics in general that they have all the right to point out mistakes in anybody’s films but not try to keep the audiences away from theatres as it affects the all-important 10 day business of any film.