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Allu Arjun’s Varudu – Stills/trailers (Updated – Reviews) January 22, 2010






hehe, complaining surely works. Here is a second Varudu trailer.




varudu allu arjun  

.varudu allu arjun ,  

.varudu allu arjun mm



Some more working stills, have to be satisfied with this as the makers seem to be determined to promote this film with only 1, 30sec teaser. Sigh!!


new varudu stills

 new varudu stills

new varudu stills

new varudu stills

new varudu stills

varudu stills





  varudu stills






















Pics don’t tell much, still…  these appeared in a Malayalam magazine (NFW)


allu arjun VARUDU stills


















allu arjun VARUDU stills


A few on set pics

varudu allu arjun stills












varudu allu arjun stills













varudu allu arjun stills














varudu allu arjun stills


22 Responses to “Allu Arjun’s Varudu – Stills/trailers (Updated – Reviews)”

  1. MinaiMinai Says:

    Yay! Allu Arjun! *fangirl mode kicks in* So the hair is looking slightly better than it did in Arya 2. I’m really hoping he ditches the straight-ironed mop look…

  2. Nicki Says:

    Hey there, I’ve been so out-of-there…not updating much on Blogger…then not even updating much on Twitter…but have used that Bunny pic on my Twitter background. Yummy. Thanks again for all the great up dates 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. Dare I say that Arya’s first pic there is fanning my fangirl flames even more than Arjun’s? Is this even possible?! 🙂

  4. Prathna Says:

    Its absolutely torturous that that only release that on 30 sec trailer!

  5. MinaiMinai Says:

    I love the new pics! There’s that million-dollar-Arjun-smile. 🙂 And look at his bro Allu Sirish? He’s getting to be a rival in the looker department. And he seems like such a passionate, great guy. *Sigh* They’re both great guys. 😀

  6. MinaiMInai Says:

    OH THE NEW TRAILER!!!!! There aren’t enough exclamation marks for me to properly express my giggliness!!! It looks like he’s back to his Bunny/Happy-style choreography, which I love. So, so excited about this one. 🙂

    And the 20-second mark!! *repeat “!!!” ad nauseum*

    • bollylove Says:

      0.20 is :naughty: I really like when he is lifting the girl.

      The trailers are so short. Nevermind, at least there is plenty of pictures to enjoy. Does anyone know if this will also have subtitles. I am hoping that tamil film has started a trend.

  7. filmizest Says:

    Reviews – all are saying one thing. See it for Arya, Arya overshadows Arjun…. lets see
    . verdict – Entertaining – 3/5

    Fullyhyderabad – 6/10

  8. MinaiMinai Says:

    I love that new blue-toned wallpaper- lovely.

    “It is a one-man show for Allu Arjun as he is there in every frame, catering to the mass and family audiences who want their dose of unpretentious masala mix. He plays the boy-next-door, sober guy and the fighting machine in the second half with equal ease.” YES!!! IN EVERY FRAME! Fighting! Boy-next-door! Sounds like my kinda film! Curious how Arya “takes away the bride.” 🙂

    • filmizest Says:

      I do love that wall paper too. I was tempted to forgo varudu for LSD this saturday but that blue wallpaper swayed me heavily.

      I hope this movie is good or at least entertaining after all the hoopla. At least there should be plenty romance in the first half. Everyone is praising the wedding song so I am looking forward to that too.

      It also seems to have taken a huge opening, acc to news reports.

      Allu Arjun’s latest film ‘Varudu’ has set a new record for the year 2010 so far. The film grossed Rs.7.28 crores on its opening day. It was one of the biggest ever releases in Allu Arjun’s career. In Hyderabad alone, the film was released in 59 cinema halls including the multiplexes totaling 288 shows on day one. Sources say that the first day collections of ‘Varudu’ are the highest in this year so far and it’s also one of the highest opening day collections when compared to Top 3 industry hits.

      Gunasekhar had directed this film and DVV Danayya produced it on ‘Universal Media’ banner. Bhanu Mehra made her debut in this film as lead actress. Arya, the Tamil actor, made his debut in Telugu as villain in this film.

  9. janit Says:

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  10. janit Says:

    i love you allu arjun i love you se much best actor

  11. janit Says:

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  12. janit Says:

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  13. janit Says:

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  14. sushma Says:

    bunny ur dance is adhurs…. Do u hav ruber in ur legs?ur sight makes me get a smile….dnt know wats d magic…! UR TOO GUD

  15. Vijay Says:

    thats great can i share this news with

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