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Half Yearly Report – Telugu & Tamil Cinema July 1, 2010

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I have added the Tamil report which is not as extensive in the comments section. (Sify’s confused trade reporting continues…they are calling Raavanan as hit now)


By  | Thursday, 24 June , 2010, 09:42

2010 has so far been good for Telugu cinema despite the fact that the success ratio has not increased. Very few big films lost money and even the small films got a good mileage. Balakrishna’s Simha is the biggest blockbuster so far. At the end of six months, the final hits and misses in Tollywood are as follows.




Collections: Biggest hit so far and might end up making a profit of Rs 30 -35 Crores.
Cost of production: About 18 Crores
Profit/Loss ratio: Producer Parachuri Prasad (his son Kiriti is the official producer though) safely released the movie despite a track-record of flops. He made huge money after the release. Distributors got the biggest profit ever in the recent times. Distributor in Guntur made huge profits. Interestingly, distributor of Nizam too had big laugh, although traditionally Nizam is considered a weak territory for Balakrishna. Producer sold off satellite rights (Rs 3 Crore) to Maa Tv before the release, if he had sold it after the release, it could have gone for more than Rs 5 Cr.



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